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Be Chinese New Year Ready With IKEA!

Source: IKEA Singapore and IKEA Malaysia

While you get ready for Chinese New Year, why not swing by IKEA to get everything you need? Whether it’s festive plants to spice up your home or new home furniture, IKEA has got you covered with their affordable prices!

Going back and forth to different shops to get all your Chinese New Year essential can be quite a hassle. It is a lot easier to get most of it from just one store to save all your energy to do your annual spring cleaning. That is why IKEA is the store for you.

Here are some things that you might want to pick up at IKEA!


Home Furniture
Source: IKEA Singapore

If you are looking for a new dining table, consider the LANEBERG/EKEDALEN set! This white and light grey set would go nicely with your bright red decorations around the house. The price for this set has dropped from $549 to $509!

Source: IKEA Singapore

New curtains are absolutely essential! Since the number of visitors is reduced this year, why not go for a cozier vibe this Chinese New Year? Pick up these HILLEBORG room darkening curtains. Originally at $49.90, the price of the curtain has now dropped to $39.90.

Source: IKEA Singapore

Regardless of the number of people coming for a visit, snacks are important to have! Keep your snack area organized with the SUNNERSTA trolley.  Whether the snacks are for your guests or for yourself, it will be easily accessible for anyone hankering for a snack! Currently, this trolley is only $29.90.


Source: IKEA Singapore

Can you believe IKEA has Chinese New Year decorations? Although the range of the Chinese New Year decorations is limited, it is always good to know you can easily grab some decorations while shopping for new furniture! Pick up this battery-operated SOLGLIMTAR lantern for only $9.90!

Source: IKEA Singapore

Hang up these dainty pretty lights for Chinese New Year! The SOLGLIMTAR LED lighting chain is definitely a unique light chain that would look great with the rest of your Lunar New Year decorations. Best of all, it is only 19.90!


Source: @ikeasingapore

No Chinese New Year decoration is complete without Pussy Willows plants! It only costs $8.90 per bunch. Let your creativity run while when you decorate your home with all the different colours available.

Source: @ikeasingapore

Other than getting pussy willows, consider getting a lucky bamboo plant as your Chinese New Year decorations as well. Not only is it auspicious, but it is also a sustainable way to decorate your house. You can always keep the plants as decorations even after the Lunar New Year.


Source: IKEA Malaysia

In case you are not aware, IKEA sells Bak Kwa during Chinese New Year! 500 grams of barbeque pork Bak Kwa cost $22.80. If you are a fan of IKEA meatballs, these are definitely a must-try!

Source: IKEA Singapore

You can also pick up some Chinese New Year treats after a long day of shopping at Ikea! The Pineapple Roll (340g) and the Nutty Salted Caramel Cookies (240g) cost $7.80 while the Kuih Bangkit (180g), Sugee Cashew (200g), and Vegetarian Almond (240g) cost $6.80.


Visit your nearest IKEA for everything you need this Chinese New Year! You will never know what kind of deals they might offer in stores.