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Behind The spacebar – A Look Into The Space

Source: the spacebar and Vessels

Light To Night Festival is back! This year, the festival introduces the spacebar, an interactive safe space inspired by the National Collection. The safe space is the first of its kind as part of Kolektif, a youth volunteer programme as part of National Gallery Singapore.

Just like the Light To Night Festival, the spacebar is a hybrid programme where activities can be found online and at National Gallery Singapore during the festival period. Head to Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium Foyer, located at basement one of National Gallery Singapore to experience the spacebar. This space will be open to the public from 5 pm to 10 pm on 22 – 23rd and 29 – 30th January 2021 during the Light To Night Festival.

Source: the spacebar

The spacebar is a safe space to help Singaporeans cope with Covid-19 affecting human relationships because of safety distancing measure. In conjunction with Light to Night Festival’s theme, “_____ -in-progress”, the spacebar focuses on reflections through voicing out and giving individuals the strength to grow. It aims to encourage people to use artworks to help in their self-reflection process.

The Spacebar @ Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium

The installation at Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium has two sections that enable visitors to have their own personal reflections or as a group with their friends and family. The space is also a place where Light To Night Festival visitors to have a place to sit and relax during the festival. They can enjoy a projected 3D rendering created by Annie Hung and music by Kin Leonn that was created specifically for the space.

Source: the spacebar

The space is a deconstructed bedroom with four zones for visitors to explore. The bed, closet, study table, and chill out area are where all are welcome. It is curated to be a safe space that allows people to feel comfortable. It is also curated in a way that will guide visitors in their self-reflection.

Source: Vessels

Visitors who visit in groups can play an exclusive card game by Vessels, creators of TableTalk. This TableTalkXKolektif collaboration explores three different topics – identity, work-life balance, and relationships.  The game, together with the space, focuses on encouraging intentional and meaningful conversation while invoking self-reflection in a group setting.

Source: the spacebar

For visitors who are looking for a personal reflection, they can head towards the toilet bowl where they are able to flush out their emotion. After answering a short reflective questionnaire, they will receive a personalize receipt with their answers and directions to different artworks if they would like to continue their art-guided self-reflection journey.

Watch our Spotted Media video about the space!

The spacebar website
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The spacebar website is an online platform where visitors can engage in self-reflections at anytime, anywhere. The website features guiding questions for visitors to reflect and answer at their own time and pace. It mirrors the on-site spacebar while focusing on individual reflections.

The questions are accompanied by a rendering in the background, similar to the spacebar at National Gallery Singapore, to encourage the visitors to use art in their reflections. The answers submitted will be published anonymously on the website where others can view and create a sense of shared experience.

Visitors can also reshare or repost the answers on the website. The website will be launching soon on 15 January 2021.

My Kolektif Experience

The spacebar experience is made possible through the Kolektif programme. This programme is the first of its kind by National Gallery Singapore and is made up of 20 youth volunteers who were selected in early 2020. These youth were given a chance to create programmes made for youth, by youth to be featured during Light To Night Festival 2021.

Source: Shevon Leck

Being part of the Kolektif gave me the chance to meet individuals who are passionate about the Arts. Together with four other members and one highly motivating gallery coordinator, my team came up with the concept for the spacebar after being inspired by An Indoor Scene Of A Pub In England by Wu Guanzhong from the National Collection.

The concept went through several revisions with a lot of obstacles along the way. On top of that, the safety distancing measures made it challenging to even meet for a group discussion. At times, it feels like it is a lot for six people to handle. However, the rest of the Kolektif members are always helpful in giving us a hand.

Source: the spacebar

Even though the programme is carried out by the Impressionist, everyone in the Kolektif contributed in one way or another. From the things laid out in the space to the constant feedback, it is somewhat a Kolektif effort.

Kolektif Takeover @ Singapore Courtyard

The spacebar is among four programmes under the Kolektif. You can check out the rest of the programs by the Kolektif members at the Kolektif Takeover. The programmes will be located at Singapore Courtyard, level 2 of the City Hall Wing of National Gallery Singapore. Sign up for quick tours, zines workshops and blind friendship dates and get to know more about the Kolektif programme!

If you are passionate about the Arts scene in Singapore, consider joining the Kolektif! Meet like-minded people and work together with the gallery to create exciting programmes for the future.

Keep an eye out for more details about the 2021 Kolektif intake through their Instagram page. Additionally, you can come down to the Kolektif Takeover and ask the members at the registration table!


Remember to come down to the spacebar on 22 – 23rd and 29 – 30th January 2021! There are so many programmes to look forward to during Light To Night Festival 2021!