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Best Eco-Friendly Essentials For Christmas in 2020

Source: Paper Carpenter and Your Sustainable Store

Gift mother nature the gift of sustainability! Let’s be mindful of our waste this Christmas by adopting some eco-friendly essentials. These items are going to be useful during the festive season and it might even make you consider converting to a sustainable lifestyle.

Starting a sustainable lifestyle might sound hard for a beginner but getting some essentials might make it easier. These local eco-friendly stores have got your back. There is no better time to test out some of these items than during your Christmas dinners.

Celebrate your Christmas with these eco-friendly essentials!


Cardboard Christmas Tree From Paper Carpentry
Source: Paper Carpenter

It will not feel like Christmas without a Christmas tree. The Christmas tree from Paper Carpenter ranges from 60 cm to 180 cm and is made from cardboard. The Paper Carpenter believes in creating a harmonious sustainable environment with their innovations and is constantly finding ways to reduce their carbon footprint. The tree is 100% recyclable and can cost between $25 to $90 depending on the size. You can even add on lights from $13 onwards.

The Paper Carpenter also offers Embroidered Ornament Craft. This would be great to decorate your tree with and can be a fun Christmas activity for the kids. Each set costs $18 which includes 10 paper ornaments, 2 plastic needles, and 3 rolls of coloured string. Get creative while decorating your eco-friendly Christmas tree!


Festive Swedish Dishcloth From Your Sustainable Store
Source: Your Sustainable Store

We all know how messy Christmas dinners can be. Instead of paper towels, why not get some Swedish Dishcloths from Your Sustainable Store to wipe down any spills? The 21cm by 17cm dishcloth are not only great for cleaning up messes but will also look great as Christmas decorations when you hang them to dry.

The Swedish dishcloth cost $5.90 each and are made from natural materials. The best part of using these dishcloths is that it is reusable, so you will save money from not buying paper towels!


Shop At Scoop Wholefoods For Christmas Dinner
Source: @scoopwholefoods_sg

Food is obviously a huge essential during Christmas dinner! Shop for your groceries sustainably with Scoop Wholefoods Singapore. The supplies in the store are all sourced from responsible suppliers and producers from Australia and customers are encouraged to use minimal packaging.

On their website, they offer Christmas recipes with items you can find from the store. Try out their Banoffee Pie recipe for your Christmas dinner!


Silicone Bags From BYKURAHOME For Christmas Leftovers

After Christmas dinner, you are bound to have some leftovers. Save the leftovers in silicone bags from BYKURAHOME. The silicone bags are for use in the freezer, microwave, and even sous vide style cooking. This can eliminate the use of single-use plastics when you store your food.

The 100% food-grade silicone is FDA certified and can withstand up to 260°C when heating up your food. BYKURAHOME offers a starter set for these bags which cost $29.90 and it comes with 2 small bags (1000 ml, 23cm x 18cm) and 2 big bags (1500ml, 28cm x 21cm). Save your leftovers for the next day with these sustainable bags!

The Gift Of Sharing
Source: Olio

If you do not feel like eating leftovers the next day, considering offering it to others. Mobile apps like Makan Rescue and Olio lets you put up ads for your leftovers so that they can help you clear any excess food that you have. This way, you can eliminate food waste while sharing the joys of Christmas during the festive season. Read up on the apps here while you embark on your sustainable journey.


Ease yourself into a sustainable lifestyle this Christmas. It is good for the environment and great on your wallet too! Everything listed is reusable and can even be used in our daily lives. Experience how easy it is to be eco-friendly and make this year a green Christmas.