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Big-hearted Bus Captain Shelters Passengers During The Rain


A passenger who boarded bus 963 from Seah Im Bus Interchange to Woodlands Bus Interchange with her friends wrote about her positive experience on Facebook yesterday. Her bus journey happened on the 14 September, which was a rainy day like most other days this week.

Credit: samuraicarly

She then saw a most puzzling sight. A hovering umbrella would appear above the heads of every passenger who boarded the bus, stop after stop. She then realised, along with her friends that it was the bus captain who was ushering each passenger into the bus personally, sheltering them with his umbrella. She noted that even at bus stops where the bus had to stop some distance away, the bus captain did not relent when it came to making sure his passengers stayed dry.

Noting that she has never seen a bus captain do this for his passengers in all her years of taking the bus, she soon started documenting what was happening with her phone. In a video she posted on Facebook, an older lady can be seen waving the bus captain and his umbrella away but she soon relents and disappears under it.

When she reaches her destination at Woodlands Bus Interchange, she strikes up a conversation with the captain. He explained that this was something he had been doing for years and called it a win-win situation as dry passengers don’t go about dripping water all over the bus.

Credit: Nestia

You may be heartened to learn that Singapore has at least 2 bus captains that frequently go above and beyond for their passengers. In 2016, a SBS bus captain by the name of Kamarul was nominated by the readers of Lianhe Wanbao to be featured on the Chinese Daily, for frequently sheltering his passengers from the rain. As a result of this feature, 500kg of rice and 60 litres of canola oil was donated by Tong Seng Produce to the beneficiary of his choice.

Unfortunately, our passenger who shared her story on Facebook was unable to confirm the captain’s name but did manage to take a picture of the gentleman.

Credit: Dini Hashim

SMRT, if you see this, do something for this man. He is a real keeper.

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