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BLACKPINK To Edit Controversial "Lovesick Girls" Video


Lovesick Girls by South Korean all-girl quartet BLACKPINK was only just released on 2 October. Today its accompanying music video is the #1 trending video on YouTube, with over 127 million views and counting. Its popularity doesn’t come without some controversy though. The Korean Health and Medical Workers’ Union issued a statement on 5 October appealing to BLACKPINK to edit their video, citing its opposition to “sexual objectification of women and nurses”.

The Union’s concern is that ongoing portrayal of healthcare workers in the media as hypersexualized will add to sexual abuse, especially among women nurses. They then implored BLACKPINK to match their global reach, popularity and influence with “responsible measures”.

While initially dismissive of the Union’s statement, BLACKPINK’s management company, YG Entertainment eventually came around and announced that they would release an edited version of the music video. All footage of Jennie in a nurse costume will be removed.

The announcement was met with some degree of skepticism.

Some BLACKPINK supporters, or Blinks, as they call themselves, felt the Union was being too sensitive.

Indeed, Halloween is right around the corner but the pretty girl on the street in the nurse costume likely doesn’t have the world at her feet.

Other Blinks posted pictures of other South Korean girl bands in nurse costumes. The girl bands in question are Girls’ Generation and Mamamoo. The supporters asked why the two groups did not face similar criticism when they donned similar attire.

Some K-Pop fans noted that all three girl groups are under separate companies.

However, there were also Blinks who pointed out BLACKPINK released Lovesick Girls in the middle of a pandemic and felt the Union’s criticism to be valid.

What do you think about BLACKPINK’s newest video? Do you feel that it was disrespectful towards healthcare workers