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Join The Club: Bossaball, Pickleball and Slacklining in Singapore

Credit: Pickleball SG, Elephant Slacklines

“What was your CCA?”

If you are a typical Singaporean, that acronym will bring immediate flashbacks of afternoons at school spent playing badminton or football with your schoolmates. CCA stands for co-curricular activity, something that all secondary schools offer.

Credit: @ukaruchan.arena

While most secondary school students would have access to soccer practice, not everyone would be able to take up fencing.

Students who fell in love their CCA likely brought that passion with them into adulthood. After all, most Singaporeans live close enough to a community club to enjoy their facilities!

Today we’re taking a look at unusual recreational sporting clubs you can join.


Invented in Spain by a Belgian man in 2005, Bossaball is a fusion of volleyball, football and gymnastics.

Credit: @bossamuziqa

It is played on an inflatable court with built-in trampolines. Because everybody loves a bouncing good time, the sport gained worldwide popularity quickly. There is no separation of gender when it comes to Bossaball. Adding to the “good vibes” aspect of the sport is the referee, or samba referee, who not only oversees the game but the music played during the game.

In 2009, Singapore participated in the Bossaball World Cup, making it to the semi-finals.

Today, the lucky students of Yuying Secondary School in Hougang get to experience Bossaball as part of their curriculum. However, safe distancing measures put in place by the pandemic means that changes are afoot. Stay tuned to Bossaball Singapore’s Facebook page and Instagram page for further updates!


Like Bossaball, Pickleball is a combination of several different sports. Imagine table tennis, badminton and tennis together and you have Pickleball.

Credit: @triple_ace_sports

Unlike Bossaball, Pickleball is a lot older as it was founded in 1965 by an American. The memorable name is said to have derived from the founder’s dog at the time, Pickles.

Pickleball enjoys a certain amount of popularity in Singapore, enough for it to be available to students at Greenridge Secondary School in Bukit Panjang and Springdale Primary School in Sengkang. It’s also popular among our seniors, so much so that a tournament in 2018 had to separate contestants into two groups: above 21 and above 55 (for women) and 60 (for men).

Credit: @lobstersports

Singapore also enjoys a membership within the Asian Federation of Pickleball, along with Thailand, Malaysia, Japan and others.

A look on Pickleball SG’s Community and Interest Groups page shows that the sport is played from Boon Lay to Bukit Panjang. The Pickleball Association of Singapore even a Pickleball Academy approved by the National Sports Association itself.


Although it may seem like tightrope walking at first glance, Slacklining was not created by acrobats employed by a circus.

Credit: @fairychalkmother at Jurong Hill Park

It was created instead by the rock-climbing community in California in the 1970s. There are no goals beyond getting from the start of the line to the end. Because the line is, as the name applies, slack, balance and concentration plays a big part in the sport.

The slackline is only 2.5 to 5cm wide, so it demands total focus!

In Singapore, you can get a slacklining kit and set up your own slackline from $30 at Lazada to over $70 at Decathlon. Although the largest slacklining supply store in Singapore, Elephant Slacklines, is now defunct, the sport is far from dead.

Credit: Elephant Slackline

The group still has over 2600 followers with discussions happening as recently as last year.

In the end, it’s up to you what sport you would like to try. Pickleball is good for those who prefer group sports with a slower pace. Bossaball is for those who like to play hard and have lots of energy. If you’re somebody who likes to exercise alone to ground themselves and tune their mind, then slacklining might just be the thing for you.

Credit: @triple_ace_sports

If you had to start either one of these 3 new sports tomorrow, what would it be? Tell us on our Facebook page here.