Food   ·   29 Sep   ·   01:09 PM   ·   2 minutes Read

BreadTalk’s New Ghost Pepper Twist Will Set Your Mouth On Fire


Everyone has that one friend or relative that doesn’t start eating until after they’ve poured chili all over their food. It’s like their tastebuds don’t register food as edible unless it’s liable to start a fire inside their mouth. You should probably get a hold of them now to tell them about BreadTalk’s new Ghost Pepper Twist.

Ghost peppers are so notoriously hot that their reputation precedes them.

Credit: Google screengrab

They are so hot, they are 200 times hotter than a jalapeño pepper, 20 times hotter than the dried Chinese peppers used in Mala Hotpots and up to 6 times hotter than a habanero pepper! Basically, what I’m saying is, don’t underestimate the ghost pepper because you will live to regret it.

The original Mala Twist ($3.10), which BreadTalk released earlier this June now looks like child’s play compared to the new Ghost Pepper Mala Twist ($3.30) and the Ghost Pepper Mala Twist Extra Spicy ($3.80).

All of the Mala Twists come in packs of six, after all, are you really friends if you haven’t endured the pleasures and pain of Mala together?

Credit: BreadTalk

We’re guessing that the extra cost that comes with the extra levels of spiciness is to compensate for the extra caution food workers have to use while preparing spicy foods. After all, the component that makes chili peppers spicy, capsaicin, is a chemical irritant – which is why you cough when you cook spicy food.

Do you like your food spicy? Do you slather your pratas in curry or do you eat it piece by piece with a bit of mild dhal on the side? If you’re the latter, we suggest you sit this one out and leave the #btmalachallenge to friends with more spice endurance.