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Brit Tours Ulu Singapore by Brompton


Singapore’s skyline is punctured by masses and masses of office buildings and HDB flats but there are also the scenic spots. The problem is that the former are easily accessible whereas the latter, by their ulu nature, are not.

Enter intrepid trekker, Richard of @asiahikelopedia, a forty-plus Brit who loves to go exploring on trails and climb up peaks.

Bringing just a foldable Brompton which weights around 10kg, Richard brings us on a trail across the parts of Singapore that, despite their beauty, remain severely under-grammed. He captures images from his foray into the Kranji countryside with a Canon M6 Mark II, a Joby tripod, a Rode VideoMic Go and of course, a powerbank courtesy of Anker.

In a video that’s just under 20 minutes posted to Youtube, he’s managed to visit Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Hay Dairies, Jurong Frog Farm and Bollywood Veggies! He started his trip from Kranji MRT Station, where there is a Kranji Countryside Express bus service, which runs daily.

The bus schedule currently seems to be down, but you may check their website here for more information.

And in case you’re already thinking it… He cheerfully refutes a commonly heard complaint about Singapore during the video, that it’s too hot to go exploring. He states that the airflow from biking helps to tamper down the heat.

He then says, “Of course you sweat, but my argument is that even if you go everywhere in a car in Singapore, as soon as you get out of the car you sweat anyway. So unless you’re going to stay inside the whole time…”

Here’s a quick visual summary of his trip, in case you’re curious.

Bollywood Veggies

Bollywood Veggies was started by couple Ivy Singh and Lim Ho Seng in 2005. Now that Bollywood Veggies is 15 years old, the farm now consists of the Poison Ivy Bistro, the Bollywood Bhanchha and Food Museum and a culinary school.

Here, Richard shows us Poison Ivy Bistro’s Nasi Lemak Platter, which is $12.

Hay Dairies

Started in 1988, Hay Dairies was founded by Hay Yak Tang, a teacher by profession. You have probably seen their products in supermarkets all over Singapore.

Here is Richard sampling some fresh goat’s milk, at $2.50 for 200ml.

Fans of Preetipls and Subhas may recognize the farm from their music video for their song, “SUIT”.

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

While he did not stay too long at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Richard was lucky enough to spot a huge saltwater crocodile.

As he spotted it, he realized a park ranger was also taking photos of it. The same ranger very kindly decided to share the pictures of the powerful reptile with him.

Jurong Frog Farm

The farm was officially registered as a company in October 29th, 1981.

It supplies fresh frogs all over Singapore, for culinary purposes. You can also buy a Metamorphosis Set for $15.75, which includes 4 American Bullfrog tadpoles and a month’s worth of feed. There’s also a frog-themed gift shop, which only opens on weekends and public holidays.

A quick look around their website reveals a most astonishing fact: they have partnered with a local biotechnology company to make skincare products!

After hitting up the farms and the Wetland Reserve, Richard took a short detour to the Kranji War Cemetery, which was closed due to the pandemic. But it sure was a beautiful sight, even from far.

If you’d like to see Richard’s full video, it is available here:

Has Richard’s travels around the Kranji countryside given you new appreciation for the charm of ulu Singapore? Are you willing to get out there and just be without the air-conditioner for hours?