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BTS Pop-Up Showcase In Singapore Opens at Plaza Singapura

Source: Big Hit Entertainment and @bighit_merch twitter

BTS Army, are you ready? BTS is finally opening the pop-up showcase in Singapore today, 14 November 2020.

Located at level one of Plaza Singapura (beside Muji), the showcase entitled The Map of The Soul will include around 300 products. It features exclusive BTS merchandise as well as items such as clothing and household goods.

This showcase will be one out of three physical pop-up showcases in Asia including the one in Seoul and Tokyo. It will be open from 10am to 10pm daily.

Source: @bighit_merch twitter

The BTS Singapore pop-up showcase will be decorated in the signature blue colour of the BTS “Map of The Soul: 7” album, similar to the showcases in Seoul and Tokyo. According to Scoompi, it will include various recreations of the concept and music video sets from the latest album that fans can take pictures with.

Safe-Distancing Measures
Source: @morningKall twitter

Before you hurry down to the showcase, make sure you book a pre-reservation slot via the morningKall website. Pre-reservation slots will be open every Friday. Visitors are advised to arrive 15 minutes before the selected time. There will be an entry queue-verification through the registered mobile number OTP.

The 15-minute early queue-verification system would not be something new for the BTS Army who waited almost 7 hours at the BTS concert last year, 19 January 2019. As part of the enhanced crowd management measure, Singapore Sports Hub issued advisory notices for the sold-out concert that drew 45,000 concert-goers.

This pop-up showcase is no exception especially with the extra safety distancing measure in place. A limited number of visitors are allowed in the BTS pop-up showcase and are always required to wear masks. Visitors are only allowed a maximum of one hour in the showcase, so you must hurry when taking pictures and grabbing your merch!

Source: @morningKall twitter
Showcase Merchandise

There is also a purchasing limit of three for the same item per person. The purchasing limit may vary depending on the item.

If you do not feel like heading over to Plaza Singapura, you can visit the BTS pop-up Online Store via morningKall to get most of the items featured in the showcase.

Source: @morningKall twitter

However, the exclusive BTS pop-up showcase will only be available at the physical pop-up location. The morningKall twitter account recently posted pictures of the exclusive BTS TinyTAN and photo stand that will be available at the showcase. It includes notebooks, stationaries and 3D posters.

Source: @morningKall twitter

Do keep in mind that due to the limited amount on hand, each session might have different items and may sell out early. The pop-up store will be up till 14 February 2021 so hurry up and book your slots!