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Build Better Habits For 2021 With These 5 Apps

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Research shows that building a habit isn’t as easy as forcing yourself to do something for 21 days straight. Rather, it’s all about focusing on the one thing you’d like to keep doing and sticking to it. If you want to be more productive this year, you’ll need something that constant nudge, a reminder that you can carry with you. You’ll need… a really good app.

In this article, we have shortlisted 5 apps for building better habits. Hopefully, that will lead to a better you by the end of 2021!


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If you’ve toyed around with Duolingo, you know the satisfaction of an unbroken streak. Streaks take this to a whole new level. There are 3 types of streaks: positive, negative and timed. Let me give an example for each.

Positive: Practice guitar.

Negative: No beer this week.

Timed task: Workout for 30 minutes.

By consistently building onto good patterns and maintaining a distance from bad ones, you get closer to becoming a creature of only good habits. Streak’s beautiful, minimalistic visuals are also a joy to look at.

Price: $6.98

Website | App store page



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How you use this app will determine whether it’s a simple habit tracker or something more.

You can set goals and reminders as befits your schedule. You can even write progress entries, which can be edited at any point in time!

Persistence also shows puts your data in easy-to-read graphs and charts, which you can export if you’d like to view it in greater detail on a bigger screen.

Price: $2.98

Website | App Store Page



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If you’re the kind of person who finds that the best motivation is company, then Habitshare is the app for you. Habitshare is all about making plans and then sharing them so everyone knows what you’re up to, so if you back out… They’ll know. It’s also about motivating each other, since we all like to cheer our friends on.

Share your goals with as many or as little people as you like and see what everyone else is up to!

Price: Free

Website | App Store Page



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Do you like video games? Do you find that gamifying things help them feel less like chores? Then you might like Habitica. It’s the only productivity app out there with graphics pulled straight from the likes of Stardew Valley and old Super Nintendo games.

You’ll get to choose your class, join a party and even complete quests. Decide on the habits you would like acquire and set daily goals called dailies. Set deadlines for your to-do list. If you do form a party with other humans striving to build better habits, beware! If one of you doesn’t complete their dailies, everyone in the party will take damage.

Price: Free

Website | App Store Page | Google Play



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stickK isn’t just some app some whiz kid came up with. Instead, it was developed by scientists at Yale University. How the app works is simple. It makes you set your goals and asks you how much do you really want for them to happen?

It makes you sign what it calls a “Commitment Contract” with yourself and if you break your own promise to yourself, you pay. Literally. Like, you actually have to specify a group you hate that you’d automatically donate to if you don’t meet your goal.


Price: Free

Website | App Store Page

Somehow, we are already in February of 2021, after a most tumultuous 2020. If 2020 has you feeling like you should get ready for anything, then start forming some good habits! Which of these 5 apps speak to you? Tell us on our Facebook page.