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Burnt Out? Here Are 5 Places To Go Vent Your Stresses!


If you’re a walking ball of tension and stress, it’s definitely time for you to take a break from life and release the krakens of your inner world! You’ll be surprised at the places Singapore has to offer when it comes to de-stressing; without further ado, here are some of the unique alternatives to chill out!


Smash Some Stuff!



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This is the place to unleash your inner hulk! Let out the unadulterated stress you’ve kept bottled up for so long, go ham and smash all sorts of things! From vases to TV sets, there’s a whole assortment of stuff to break at The Fragment Room. Woohoo!

To start your anger therapy session, you’ll first be kitted out in safety gear before entering the safe rooms. Consult the staff should you have concerns on personal safety.

Their bookings start from $38, with each session running for 30 minutes. It’s an extra $15 to bring your own items for that added personal touch. There’s a variety of packages for a customizable experience, as well as a weekday-only promo that’s all available here!

You’re also allowed to play your own music, that’s so cool! Feel the rage exiting your body, in a full-body venting experience!

The Fragment Room
Address: 490 MacPherson Rd S368198
Contact: | 6970 0343
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 12pm – 10pm


Flying Tomahawks?



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At the Axe Factor, you’ll be throwing your stresses away instead. Pour all of your pent-up rage into a solid throw, hurl those axes and stick ‘em hard into the target! You’ll be hooked after hearing that satisfying thud on the board!

Chances are you’re new to this hatchet-throwing experience, don’t worry, their ‘Axe-perts’ will be guiding you on how to safely toss the axe!

Packages start from $30, running for 1 hour. The Axe Factor also caters to bigger groups, or events like a Birthday Party! Imagine the wonderfully chaotic fun you can have with friends and loved ones! Click here for more info.

Axe Factor
Address: 200 Turf Club Rd #01-32A/B & 34A/B, S287994
Contact: | 8113 4367 (Zenice)
Opening Hours: Thursday – Sunday, 12 pm – 10 pm (Closed on Mondays)


Pollock On Steroids



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This must be a childhood dream true for many of us! Remember getting scolded upside down for making a mess with crayons or paints? Good news, we’re encouraged to make an utter mess here in Splat Paint House! Let the paint drip on the floor, and splatter on the walls!

Come in clothes you don’t mind staining, but they’ll provide protective gear for you if you choose so. Once you enter the room, feel free to do whatever you please with the canvas and paint given!

Sessions start from $39 ($34 for Weekday promo), with no stipulated duration unless you’re holed up in the studio for too long. Click here for the full details of their packages. Here’s something you don’t see often; they accept payment in several cryptocurrencies! Any of you Bitcoin users seeing this?

Splat Paint House
Address: 207A Upper Thomson Road, S574346
Contact: | 8930 0947
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday, 3 – 9pm; Saturday, Sunday & PHs, 11am – 10pm


Fluffy Buddies All Around



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If there’s anything that will make you go ‘awww’ and forget all about what’s been stressing you out, we’re betting on Cats! And what better way to spend some time with these adorable little furballs, than to hit up a cat café like Neko no Niwa!

There are some café rules, the general rule of thumb is to give the cats their space, unless they invade yours. It’s the cat that chooses their hooman, keep that in mind!

It starts at $12 for the 1st hour, then $5 for the subsequent half an hour(s). There’s also food (from $3.50) and drinks (from $2) available for purchase, should you need light refreshments. Click here for more info on their longer hours charges, it’s the chance to get cosy amongst the cats!

Neko no Niwa
Address: 54A Boat Quay (Level 2), S049843 – Not at Clarke Quay
Contacts: | 6536 5319
Opening Hours: Daily, 11am –10pm (Closed on Tuesdays)


Anti-gravity Stress Free



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Ever had the experience when swimming, and maybe you decided to take a break to rest while floating on the water surface? The nice calmness and relaxation that envelops you, that’s what the Palm Ave Float Club is all about!

You’ll be floating in a pod of super buoyant water (salt water), allowing yourself to deeply relax and enter a meditative state. You’ll feel as though you’re floating in a still vastness of limitless space. Oh, and if you fall asleep there’s no need to worry about sinking, just the taste of salt water!

They start from $89 per float, and introductory package that’s $225 for 3-floats. Every session runs for 1 hour. Click here for more details!

Palm Ave Float Club
Address: 66 Kampong Bugis #05-01, S338987
Contacts: | 9151 6004
Opening Hours: Mon – Wed, 11am – 9pm; Fri – Sun, 9am – 9pm (Closed on Thursdays)

Not only you deserve a break, but also a time and place to safely allow all the stress to melt away! It does us no good at all to internalise all the bad vibes, so why not give these places a try, and let things go. #goodvibesonly