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Can You Spot The Artworks Around Singapore?

Source: @lighttonightsg and ARTWALK Little India

In Singapore, most of us are busy juggling between work and personal life. Sometimes it can be hard to find the time to enjoy the local art scene. Fortunately, you can now spot artworks while you’re commuting to wherever you need to be!

Working hard does not mean you have to miss out on arts events. Finding artworks displayed on the streets or on the move is slowly becoming a regular part of Singapore’s arts scene.

Spot these exciting artworks when you’re out and about your daily lives!


Source: ARTWALK Little India

Planning to have a quick lunch or dinner in between your busy schedule? Head down to Little India and experience ARTWALK! Having a nice stroll through Little India while looking through the murals are a great way to walk off your meals.

Look through the different murals and understand how art can be used to help to explore critical questions. The murals and other fun programmes by Artwalk will be available till 6 February 2021. Be sure to take pictures with the murals if you have the chance!


Source: Merryn Trevethan

Do you end work too late at night or too early in the morning? You may not be able to go to museums or art festivals, but you can always pass by Bus.Stop.Art. Whether you are taking the bus, taxi, or driving, be sure to pass through Geylang Bahru and Gillman Barracks area!

Responding to the theme #ArtMovesUs, 10 local artists took over the advertising panels of bus stops to showcase their works. You can find it along the bus 175 route. It will be available during Singapore Art Week from 22 -30 January 2021.


Art In Motion
Source: @lighttonightsg

It is currently Singapore Art Week. There are several programmes and events that you can go to and explore! If you do not have the time to swing by the civic district, you can always catch an MRT to marvel at Art In Motion as part of the Light To Night Festival 2021. It compasses the work of 5 local visual artists in Singapore that can be found on the walls and floor of the MRT.

While we adapt to the changes that came with the pandemic, the MRT trains were one of the few things that we can rely on to stay the same. Try and spot all five different artworks on the train! It will be available till 14 February 2021.


It is interesting to see how art can be adapted to our everyday lives. No matter what your schedule is, there is always an opportunity to enjoy art in Singapore. In a way, Singaporeans have somehow managed to squeeze art into their hectic busy schedules.

Don’t forget to snap a quick picture with all these artworks when you see them!