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Chill Out At The Great Guinness Grill Out On 7 November!

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If you’re wondering what to do this weekend, how about a grill out with Guinness?  For this year’s Guinness Grill Out, Guinness is partnering with the likes of Hopscotch, Kult Yard & Sidecar plus Harry’s. These hipster joints may give off laidback vibes but they’re no slackers when it comes to good food. Featuring exclusive menus with Guinness-infused bites created just for this event, you’ve got to taste it to believe it!

Come down to one of these places tomorrow for some hot-off-the-grills treats and ice cold brews. (Just a quick note, Hopscotch and Kult Yard’s outdoor areas appear to be pet-friendly but you might want to give these places a call before coming down to make sure.)


Originally part of Red Dot Traffic Building, which has since become Maxwell Chambers Suites, Hopscotch is now located at Gillman Barracks at 45 Malan Road. At Red Dot, they originally only served alcoholic beverages but they’ve since expanded their menu quite a bit. Their current Head Chef, Cody Tay, has been in the biz since he was 15. Enjoy handmade pasta, oysters, prawn twisters and wagyu burgers while you get your drink on.

Check out one of their bespoke cocktails here:

Credit: Hopscotch
Harry’s (South Beach)

With 21 outlets in Singapore, Harry’s bar is a familiar sight to many Singaporeans since its opening in 1992. This Saturday, why not stroll into Harry’s at 26 Beach Road and unwind after a hard week at work? There’ll be all your favourite treats, like the Chicken Tandoori Skewers, Otah Toasties and your favourite beers. For this special collaboration with Guinness, you can now enjoy the Mala Guinness Popcorn Chicken for a limited time at $15.

Credit: Harry’s Singapore
Kult Yard & Sidecar

The former: a bar that operates out of a 1930s heritage building in the heart of Chinatown. The latter: a gourmet butchery that operates out of Singapore.

Kult Yard is owned by the same cool cats who are responsible for Kult Kafe. They serve original cocktails or Kultails, as they call them, infused with ingredients like gula melaka and sambal belacan. Loosen up and let your hair down at this former police barracks – just remember to adhere to safe distancing rules, OK?

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Sidecar has been around since 2016, treating Singaporeans to no-nonsense top quality meats with no preservatives. Since then, it’s become the hot new thing in town at festivals and outdoor events. Think Asian style sausages are only confined to the humble lup cheong? Think again. With their Thai Basil, Lime & Sweet Chilli Chicken sausages and patties, Sidecar proves that Southeast Asian cuisine belongs everywhere.

If you have to give this weekend’s Great Guinness Grill Out a miss… don’t be sad because it’s not over. You can still attend the Home Gourmet event on 14 November, where you can attend a masterclass by Chef Shen Tan on how to make your own Guinness-imbued goodies. Want to up your Instagram game? Learn from a food stylist tips on how to make your food look next-level on 21 November’s Grill For The Gram.

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But wait, there’s more! Check out Guinness’s page here for more information on these events and how you can participate.

What are you waiting for? Make some quick plans with your kakis, ring up one of the places mentioned above and get ready for some weekend merrymaking!