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Chillest Bars In Singapore - Good Vibes Galore

Credit: @sagohousesg | @smokeandmirrorsbarsg

Night outs don’t have to be a mundane affair spent at a stuffy bar listening to too-loud music. We’ve compiled a list of the neatest bars in Singapore, so you and your friends can chill out, drink and watch your troubles melt away.


1. Platform Studio – For The Prim And Proper Ones

If you have that one atas friend who is a stickler for the finer things in life, bring them to Platform Studio on your next bar crawl. Comfortably tucked away in the heart of Amoy Street, Platform Studio is a beautifully curated space perfect for indulging in a sinful bit of day drinking.

Credit: Pretty Little Pig

The bar is speckled with aesthetically pleasing ornaments – beige stalks adorn wooden shelves, white sofas, marble tables and bespoke lamps. The space is minimalistic, clean and comfortable – a respite away from the hustle of the city.

Credit: @_platform._

Try out their vast array of speciality cocktails that are brewed with locally sourced ingredients. All the drinks are light and refreshing, so you can idly sip away while tuning into the latest gossip at work – everyone’s favourite after-hours activity for sure! You can purchase bottled cocktails on their website or view their full studio menu here.

Image: The Strawberry 200 | Credit _platform._

Address: 19 Amoy Street, #01-01, 069854

Opening Hours: 5 PM – 10.30 PM (Mondays), 2 PM – 10.30 PM (Tuesdays – Sundays),

Website: Platform Studio

Phone Number: 8280 0292

Social Media: Instagram


2. Kult Yard – For The Hipsters At Heart

We all love a hearty Friday night bash with our best mates, and Kult Yard is the place to be for the young at heart. It’s a vibrant art bar with multicoloured murals, alfresco seating under the stars and the yummiest handmade drinks (with a kick). Plus, it’s a hidden gem in the heart of Chinatown filled with gram-worthy photoshoot spots!

Credit: @kultyard

Nod your head along to good music as you tuck into some smoky American BBQ from @argbbq – a sinful accompaniment to the best cocktails!

So, if you’re in the mood for an upbeat night out on the town with your best friends, then head over to Kult Yard now! With unparalleled drinks, food and music, it’s sure to be a night to remember. Our full article on Kult Yard here.

Image: Draft Beers (Witbier and American IPA) | Credit: @kultyard

Address: 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, #01-54, 168976

Opening Hours: 3 PM – 10.30 PM (Tuesdays – Sundays, Closed on Mondays)

Social Media: Facebook | Instagram

Reservations: Whatsapp 83611848


3. Native Bar – For The Singaporean Slingers

Maybe artsy bars aren’t your style, or perhaps you’ve grown tired of the same ol’ boozy concoctions in crowded, stuffy bars. Well, say no more! Native Bar is your safe space, serving up classy creations with a refreshing Singaporean twist. Anything from Buddha Palm infused gin to cocktails inspired by a plethora of ASEAN flavours; it’s a unique experience for the Singaporean at heart.

Credit: World’s Best Bars

As you step into Native Bar, you’re greeted by an exceedingly warm and cosy atmosphere – what with the hues of honey brown and brick motifs adorning the bar space. Dangling lights add a touch of elegance, elevating the seating area and atmosphere.

Image: Tuck into some nosh while sipping on your cocktails. | Credit: @nativebarsg

Native Bar’s cocktails are inspired by familiar flavours like coffee, pandan, guava, ginger, and many other fruits and spices. With a twist of the shaker, they’ve curated unique cocktails like the Peranakan ($25++): jackfruit rum, laksa leaves, goat’s milk, candlenut, and Gula Melaka. Adventurous kaki’s can opt for the Oyster Omelette ($25++): oyster distillate, miso cured eggs, Kampot pepper, coriander shoots and calamansi.

*Malay word meaning close friend or buddy.

You can also purchase their cocktails to go, whether to enjoy with loved ones at home after a long day or as a gift for that someone special! If you’re hunting for cocktails with a twist, book your experience at Native Bar now!

Credit: @nativebarsg

Address: 52A Amoy Street, 069878

Opening Hours: 5 PM – 10.30 PM (Mondays – Thursdays), 4 PM – 10.30 PM (Fridays – Sundays)

Website: Native Bar

Phone Number: 8869 6520

Social Media: Instagram


4. The Elephant Room – For The Culture Lovers

Fancy a deliciously fragrant cocktail spiced with the flavours of India? At The Elephant Room Singapore, you are treated to a tantalising spread of unique cocktails created with the freshest local produce. If that doesn’t sound tempting enough, feast your eyes on the wondrous decor in the dining area, featuring authentic fabrics, designs and motifs.

Credit: wheelsonbars

For drinks, you can look forward to piquant cocktails influenced by India’s exotic tastes, smells, and sights. Try the Mr Desker ($24): Indian Whiskey, curry distillate and soy meat or The Kheer ($24), which has sweetened cardamom and coconut caviar; yum.

Image: Race Course Plantation ($24) | Credit: @elephantroomsg

For something a little different, order a Race Course Plantation ($24) with Indian rum, clarified sugarcane and Himalayan salt! It’s a balance of sweet, salty and smoky, ideal for when you’re craving something to sip on leisurely. Try the Goldsmith ($24), which has jackfruit distillate, fermented rose honey and comes to your table topped with a lotus root crisp. You simply cannot miss the striking golden hue of this cocktail, and it’s definitely a showstopper!

Check out their full menu here!

Image: Goldsmith ($24) | Credit: @elephantroomsg

Treat yourself to The Elephant Room’s array of tapas and bar snacks, and unwind with a couple of friends. What are you waiting for? Make your reservation now!

Address: 20A Teck Lim Road, 088391

Opening Hours: 5.30 PM – 10.30 PM (Mondays – Thursdays), 4 PM – 10.30 PM (Fridays – Sundays)

Website: The Elephant Room

Social Media: Instagram


5. SAGO HOUSE – For The Ones Seeking Adventure

Hidden on the top floor of a shophouse on Sago Street is SAGO HOUSE, a bar so ulu even the hipsters have trouble finding it. SAGO HOUSE’s three founders built the eclectic space from upcycled materials, reused supplies and some good ol’ fashioned hustle. The result? A comfortable, laidback space to get drinks and tasty bites to savour!

Credit: @sagohousesg

Don’t be fooled by SAGO HOUSE’s extremely eccentric interior, the bar dishes up a mean cocktail. The menu changes every week, so you’ll always get to pick from a plethora of new creations!

Image: Pimp’s Prayer | Credit: @sagohousesg

Some cocktails have rather cheeky names like Pimp’s Prayer, Swallow Don’t Spritz, Big Black Tot, Bals To The Walls and even Dark Salty Nuts. Better not bring your overly innocent friends here; they’re bound to be bright red in the face while ordering! But dirty thoughts aside, each cocktail is carefully crafted and served to your table ice-cold with satisfaction guaranteed.

Image: The aforementioned Dark Salty Nuts. | Credit: @sagohousesg

Indulge in a drink (or five) at the SAGO HOUSE, and check out their other meaningful projects as well! Apart from being a bar and event space, SAGO HOUSE also conducts hospitality worker education sessions, giving hospitality workers a safe and conducive space to share their struggles and industry knowledge.

It’s the place to be for the eccentrics looking for a place to chill out, so reserve your seat now!

Address: 40B Sago Street, 059029

Opening Hours: 6.30 PM – 10.30 PM (Tuesdays), 6 PM – 10.30 PM (Wednesdays – Sundays), Closed on Mondays


Social Media: Instagram


  6. Smoke and Mirrors Bar – For The Coolest Kids 

At Smoke and Mirrors Bar, it’s cocktails with a view. Not just any view, but a stunning view of the picturesque Singapore skyline, to be exact. Situated on the National Gallery’s rooftop, Smoke and Mirrors is serving up specially curated drinks sure to help you melt away the stress of the week. Treat yourself to a sophisticated dining experience, and live every tai tai’s dream as you gaze out over the CBD!


They offer a variety of drinks, from champagne to wine to classic cocktails. If you’re not sure what to get, order the signature Kaizen ($26++): Chivas Mizunara, melon liqueur, ginger, soda and citrus. It’s refreshing, fruity and an ideal accompaniment to anything fried and greasy! If you prefer your drinks a little sweeter, try the I Got It From My Grandma ($24++). The cocktail contains kaffir and Chivas Mizunara and is inspired by a traditional Filipino drink made with ground-up cocoa bean tablets. Sinful!

Image: (Left to Right) Brushwork and Abstract Rouge ($14++ each) | Credit: @smokeandmirrorsbarsg

Non-drinkers rejoice! Smoke and Mirrors also makes a mean selection of mocktails, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. Cheers to the weekend and sip the night away, without any of the consequences!

Credit: @smokeandmirrorsbarsg

If you and your friends are looking for somewhere a little fancier to drink the evening away, make your reservation at the Smoke and Mirrors Bar now! Choose from their menu of tantalising bites, too and round off your evening melt-in-the-mouth pork belly, fried food and more!

Address: 1 St. Andrews Road, National Gallery Singapore, #06-01, 178957

Opening Hours: 3 PM – 11 PM Daily

Website: Smoke and Mirrors Bar

Social Media: Instagram


7. Grapevine Bar and Restaurant – For When You’re Feeling Peckish

Everyone knows not to drink alcohol on an empty stomach – unless you’re keen to spend the second half of your night bent over the toilet bowl, retching your guts out. So it’s safe to say, nosh is vital in any bar, and at Grapevine Bar and Restaurant, you’re getting top-notch dishes to keep your hunger at bay!

Credit: Quandoo

Their interior is industrial, rustic and incredibly charming. With the addition of a billiard table, it’s a great hangout spot for those restless nights!

Image: Nosh at the Grapevine Restaurant and Bar. | Credit: Burpple

Pub fare like the German Pork Knuckles is great for sharing with friends, alongside a round of beers or a beer tower. Indulge in their menu of tasty tapas while chugging down an ice-cold beer; what more could one ask for!

Image: Asahi Beer Tower | Credit: Trip Advisor

With its pub-like atmosphere, top tier nosh and abundance of liquid courage, you’re bound to have a good time at the Grapevine Restaurant and Bar! Jio your friends for a game of billiards and beer now, no reservations required!

Address: 787 Upper Serangoon Road, 534655

Opening Hours: 3 PM – 10.30 PM Daily

Social Media: Instagram


8. PORKYPINE – For Those Looking For A Hole-In-The-Wall Experience

At PORKYPINE, look forward to loaded sandwiches and handmade cocktails sure to leave you full and happy! The bar boasts a warm and cosy interior, ideal for a romantic night with beau as you both chow down one of PORKYPINE’s signature Cubanos! Plus, order from their selection of cocktails and drinks for the ideal accompaniment to your sandwich.

Image: PORKYPINE’s Entrance | Credit: @lychee_boy

PORKYPINE is known for their large, loaded, handmade Cubano sandwiches, filled with ingredients like smoked ham, bread and butter pickles, a homemade mojo sauce, mustard and cheese – so good! The ingredients are made in-house, everything from curing and smoking their ham to cooking up a batch of the tangy mojo sauce – so expect nothing less than fantastic!

Image: Cubano | Credit:

Of course, we cannot forget about PORKYPINE’s delicious drinks menu. Try their iconic Mojito, which comes to your table in a beer can. It’s topped liberally with mint leaves and lemon, sure to give you an extra zing of citrus to cleanse your palate! Other options include the classic Old Fashioned and Negroni for those who prefer to stick to their roots. If you’re on the daring side, try a shot of Cambodian Rum!

Image: Mojito | Credit:

PORKYPINE is your place-to-be for that authentic hole-in-the-wall experience. Serving up Singapore’s best Cubanos and an array of tasty drinks, it’s one bar you don’t want to miss out on this weekend!

Address: 112 Telok Ayer Street, 068581

Opening Hours: 5 PM – 10.30 PM (Tuesdays – Saturdays), Closed on Mondays and Sundays

Phone Number: 8874 2606

Social Media: Social Media


9. Jekyll & Hyde – For Those Interested In The Dark Side

Want to head out for drinks but can’t seem to find someone to watch Rufus on short notice? No matter, because at Jekyll & Hyde, Rufus is as welcome as any of us! Dishing up artisanal cocktails and Singaporean soul food inspired by everyday flavours like peanut butter, bacon, bananas and an array of spices, this is one night out even the pickiest eaters will enjoy!


Jekyll & Hyde offers an extensive menu of drink options sure to get you excited for the night ahead. Try The BKT ($22), a dark, misty cocktail containing Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, a house vermouth and amaro blend, bitters and wait for it – Bak Ku Teh soup. If The BKT isn’t scoring in your books, opt for the signature PB & J, peanut butter washed Bulliet Bourbon, Rinomato, and orange peel infused Cinzano Bianco – interesting.

Image: The BKT ($22) | Credit:

If you’re a sucker for citrus flavours, try the Poolside Sipper ($22): Snow Leopard Vodka, Giffard Watermelon, Soda, mint and lime. For something a little out-of-the-norm, go for the Pandan Valley ($22), containing Pandan infused Glenfiddich 12, sparkling coconut water and a homemade sambal rim. This yummy twist on a whiskey highball is aromatic, smooth and easy to drink!

Check out their full menu here!

Image: PB & J ($22) | Credit:

Serving classic Singaporean flavours with a twist, Jekyll & Hyde is a must-try for cocktail lovers seeking new flavours to try! A refreshing take on your favourite classics, bring your friends down to enjoy an incredible ambience. If you loved what you tried, you could also order their cocktails to take home on their online shop here. Make your reservations now!

Address: 74 Neil Road, 088839

Opening Hours: 4 PM – 10.30 PM (Tuesdays – Fridays), 11 AM – 10.30 PM (Saturdays), 11 AM – 6 PM (Sundays), Closed on Mondays

Website: Jekyll & Hyde

Social Media: Instagram


Good Vibes Galore

Whether you’re new to the drinking game or a seasoned veteran, you’re bound to find a bar to love in this list. Choose a favourite and saddle up for a night of good vibes, giggly gossip and good drinks!