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Chinese Culture Is Getting A Fresh Remix This Year

Source: RE•MIX

The youth are taking over! Chinese culture in Singapore is getting a remixed this January. RE•MIX 2021 is here to show Singaporeans that there is more to the local Chinese local than meets the eye. From silent discos to an immersive escape game, it is time for us to rediscover Chinese culture just before the Lunar New Year.

RE•MIX 2021 is a festival that is for youths by youths, to discover the Chinese Singaporean Culture through a new and modern perspective. The festival runs from 15 – 24 January 2021 and includes various activities that the public can sign up for!


Pan!c at the Gallery
Source: RE•MIX

Pan!c At The Gallery is an immersive escape game. Participants will get a chance to catch an infamous criminal mastermind who has malicious plans to take down a high-profile member of the local Chinese community. Use your deduction skills and uncover clues from SINGAPO人: Discovering Chinese Singaporean Culture exhibition!

The programme is available onsite as well as online with virtual-mapping technology to help aspiring detectives solve the case. The game lasts for about 1 hour and 30 minutes and single-entry ticket cost just $6! Gather your friends and solve the mystery together.

Get your tickets here!


RE•MIX the Dance Workshop
Source: RE•MIX

Ever wonder what’s the difference between street dance and Chinese dance? Now, you can watch two very distinct dance come together to create something entirely new. In fact, you can even learn a thing or two about it at this workshop!

Sign up for this free dance workshop to learn from local street dancer Xuehui Loy and a Chinese dance artist Zina Tay. This collaborative dance workshop will show you how the universal language of dance is and show you a whole new side of Chinese culture.

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TGIF RE•MIX Music Station

Source: RE•MIX

Get ready to rock out to some Mandopop and indie at TGIF Music Station: SCCC X YES 933! The music event returns this year with a special upsize for RE•MIX Festival. Since the event will be a live stream, it will include the award-winning Taiwanese indie band EggPlantEgg and artistes Qiu Feng Ze X Cai Zi.

You can also catch local musicians like Broken Pieces and Mending (BPM), The Cold Cut Duo, The Fleurist, JJ Neo, Fingerfunk and many more. Remember to tune in and support local music at TGIF Music Station!

Catch the livestream here!


RE•MIX Silent Music Party

Source: RE•MIX

Join in on the SCCC RE•MIX Silent Music Party and make some friends along the way! Rekindle your love familiar tunes will remind you of your younger years or you can even discover your Singapo(ren) soul with RE•MIX’s Music Personality Quiz. This silent disco and tea dance concept with a curated playlist will take you on a whole new level of experiencing music.

The experience lasts around 45 minutes and costs $6 and $10 for online and onsite respectively. If you are planning to come down for the onsite experience, it will be on two consecutive weekends – 16, 17, 23 and 24 January 2021.

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Find out more about the programmes that RE•MIX Festival has to offer on their website. You can even get the festival passes that allow entry for most of the programmes available. Rediscover the Singapore Chinese Culture at RE•MIX Festival this weekend!