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Christmas Gifting 2020 For The Lazy Singaporean - Dad Edition

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The holidays are coming. And with that comes expectations of presents!

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We know what it’s like to agonise over what to buy for who, so we’re going to make things a bit easier for you. In this series of posts, we’ll offer five different suggestions on what to get for a particular family member.

Today, it’s all about the Dads.

A Shaving Set From MÜHLE

Credit: MÜHLE

If your Dad is always fussing over his facial hair, you need to get him this shaving set from MÜHLE. Although MÜHLE’s products tend to be on the higher end of the price bracket, their quality never strays. Their products consistently achieve five star ratings on Amazon. Perhaps that’s no surprise as they’ve had plenty of time to refine their products, since they set up shop in 1945. Now, wouldn’t you want the best for your Dad?

Price: $372

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A Snazzy Shirt From Benjamin Barker

Credit: Benjamin Barker

Homegrown brand Benjamin Barker was founded in 2009 by Nelson Yap, one-time film student and skateboard enthusiast. The brand serves up timeless, refined style for every gentleman so you’re bound to find something suitable for your Dad. This shirt in particular caught our eye because of its relaxed and stylish fit. Definitely not your usual plaid shirt associated only with uncles.

Price: $71.92 (U.P. $89.90)

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Classic He-Man and Skeletor Figurines

Credit: zhahuodian

Does your Dad talk often about his days growing up watching old-school cartoons, such as Masters of the Universe? Is he perhaps just as enamored as you when it comes to DC and Marvel comics but reserves a special place in his heart for He-Man? If so, then you need to get him this set of two from Zha Huo Dian, which is located at #03-16 in Far East Plaza.

Price: $200 for a set of two

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B&O H4 Wireless Headphones

Credit: B&O

Dads are all convinced that their music is the best music. Therefore, it stands to reason that you should also get your Dad the best audio products. Bang & Olufsen, a Danish luxury electronics company with a focus on audio products, has been in business since 1925. Their focus when it comes to design is perhaps second to none in the audio industry. These wireless headphones of theirs looks cushy enough to wear at home and good enough to wear outside.

Swee Lee is currently selling this at a steal compared to some other local electronics shops.

Price: $345 (U.P. $460)

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A Bottle of Good Whisky

Credit: TheWhiskyShop

Perhaps your Dad has a bottle of liquor stashed somewhere for a special occasion. Because this has been one very strange year, maybe you should get your Dad a bottle of whisky. This can be the bottle you open up and share together to chit chat about life, whenever there is a long weekend. The Whisky Shop is currently selling a bottle of Glenfiddich Fire & Cane, which is a special edition bottle from its experimental series.

Whisky lovers have praised the smokiness in its flavour profile as well as the sweetness and toffee notes present in every sip. Mmm.

Price: $137.80 (U.P. $205)

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There you have it – five different products handpicked specially for Dads. We are confident that you can pick one from this set of five to delight one of your life-givers. What are you thinking of getting for your Dad for Christmas and why? Tell us on our Facebook page.