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Christmas Gifting 2020 For The Lazy Singaporean - Mum Edition

Credit: @pandajoyce, @zatayayummy

The holidays are coming. And with that comes expectations of presents!

We know what it’s like to agonise over what to buy for who, so we’re going to make things a bit easier for you. In this series of posts, we’ll offer five different suggestions on what to get for a particular family member.

Today, it’s all about the Mums.

A Bottle of OoLa Labs Perfume

Credit: OoLa Labs

If your Mum is a Cool Mum™, then you might want to consider getting her a bottle of perfume from local perfumers OoLa Lab. Established in 2016, they describe themselves as a craft fragrance lab, focusing on quality rather than quantity. Lately, they’ve partnered with artist Mojoko to create an exclusive line of products titled Sick Scents. New and old come together in the form of essential oils and elements like bubblegum. Each bottle also comes with exclusive artwork that is arresting and stylish.

This one in particular is called Mind Control. It’s described as smelling like white flowers, amber and oud or agarwood infused with oriental elements.

Price: $250

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World’s Smallest Vacuum Cleaner

Credit: ameba

Is Mum always fussing and complaining about dust and dirt? Get her this Mini Vacuum Cleaner, which is rechargeable via USB and comes with a 4 feet long cord. It also comes with a reusable filter, which Mum can take out and wash whenever she thinks it’s necessary. Comes in three colours: red, white and blue.

Price: $32.90

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La Mer’s Treatment Lotion Hydrating Mask

Credit: @vcgermany

La Mer sells very, very pricey cosmetics. La Mer sells what are basically luxury products for your skin. No wonder why they can afford having saltwater aquariums full of exotic fish at every single one of their booths in big box departmental stores. Their Treatment Lotion Hydrating Mask is conveniently and elegantly packaged in a little green sachet. So why not get Mum some exquisite spa sessions she can take with her on the go?

Price: $50 for one mask / $255 for six masks

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Handmade Orchid Batik Masks

Credit: LavenderCraftingCorn

Lavender Crafting Corner sells some of the best handmade masks in the local market. Their designs often include some Peranakan flavour, like intricately detailed linework featuring shophouses or equally detailed and beautiful batik prints. Nothing says, “I care about your health and I want you to look good” like a pack of masks from Lavender Crafting Corner!

We are smitten with Lavender Crafting Corner’s Orchid Batik Masks!

Price: $30 for 2

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A Chocolate Cake From Lana Cakes

Credit: @saccharphile

Lana Cakes has been around since 1964 and they’ve been acing their cake game ever since. Unlike other confectionery chains which focus on relentless expansion, they’ve kept to just one outlet to keep the quality of their cakes as consistent as possible. Delicious, decadent, soft and moist without being too rich, Lana Cakes never disappoints.

So why not get a whole cake from them for Mum this Christmas?

Price: $60 for 1.5 kg of cake

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There you have it – five different products handpicked specially for Mums. We are confident that you can pick one from this set of five to satisfy one of your life-givers. What are you thinking of getting for your Mum for Christmas and why? Tell us on our Facebook page.