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Classic Snapchat Filters That Make You Want To Download Snapchat Again


By now you would have Snapchat downloaded onto your phone, or at least heard of this social media platform where people of all ages are kinda obsessed with sharing photos using some of the cool camera filters.

And we all know that these social platforms come and go as quickly as the salted egg yolk trend in Singapore. Perhaps it is the influx of filters and weird lenses that it was just too much to take, or maybe friends and fans have moved on to other apps to gain a different kind of #clout. So, we are here to jog your pleasant memories of the OG Snapchat filters that got you interested in the app in the first place.


Dog with Tongue Hanging Out


Who can forget one of the most epic filters of all time, the animated dog filter where it turns you into a dog with ears, a nose and a gorgeous playful tongue when you open your mouth. It’s fun, silly and simply paw-fect! This filter lens is loved by many celebrities, kids and my personal favourite as well!


Classic Flower Crown and Glow


Called the Flower Crown filter or Flower filter, this has been one of the most popular Snapchat lenses, widely used by ladies all over the world. We love that it makes us all dreamy and sweet, not forgetting the shimmer in our eyes. Erm, gorgeousss!


Face Swap



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Yikes! I mean, nope, not scary at all! Okay… maybe a little. I never failed to laugh at the ridiculousness of this face swap feature, I mean, who can tahan looking at their facial features on another human being! #SameSameButDifferent. This is a good enough reason to get you back on Snapchat!


Puking Rainbow


Can we all agree that puking rainbows is a childhood dream come true. Which kid doesn’t like the idea of living in a marshmallow-like, mystical world. This filter not only lets you live that fantasy, it makes our eyes bigger and cuter, like one of the relatives of the unicorn family.


Big Mouth


Whoever said you had a big mouth should be using this filter. It makes talking fun, allows everyone to be goofy and not take themselves too seriously. Here’s a little tip, from my personal experience, this is also great to check if you have those little nasty vegetables stuck in between your teeth before an important meeting.


Sad Face


Turn that frown into a smile, well. sorta. The sad face filter exaggerates your cringey pout, but it in turn makes us wanna laugh at the stupidity of it. Maybe that’s the purpose because why so serious?




Beautify features are everywhere. Face it, who doesn’t want to look prettier? This makeup filter changes the overall tone, smooths the skin and adds contouring to the face. However, while this filter aims to ‘beautify’ your face, this should not be the beauty standard to adhere to. Beauty comes from inside out!


Camera Roll Face Swap


Similar to the face swap filter in #3, this camera roll face swap filter allows you to swap facial features with anybody. Yes, anybody! Think about the endless possibilities you can create – Zac Efron, Zoe Tay, Phua Chu Kang or even Heng Swee Kiat. Create your own #EastCoastPlan.


New Filters 2020

Snapchat continues to wow and impress their users with new filters. Take these three new filters of 2020, which are probably substantial reasons to tap on the ‘install’ button once again.


Dog to Disney


Woof a genius idea to ‘disney-fy’ your pet to make them look animated and oozing with cuteness. Adorbs! Those big, pleasing eyes and eyebrows from our four-legged friends are simply irresistible – more treats for these furkids!


Fire Sunglasses


Suave, cool and hot can be determined through clothes, body or simply via filters! If you aren’t one of those who are fans of flower crowns or dog ears, then this fire sunglasses filter lens may just be what you are looking for. Subtle, naturalistic yet bold. Great to hide those eye bags too!


Doll Look


Haven’t we had enough of crazy eye filters? Well, not quite! This doll look doesn’t just expands your eyes to perfect circles like those creepy dolls we see at toy stores, but they add pink rosy cheeks to give you that extra glow! It’s a great filter for some mindless fun, but perhaps let’s shelve it till after the Hungry Ghost month, shall we? You wouldn’t want your family and friends to mistake you as a hyperrealistic paper effigy.

There may be thousands of Snapchat filters out there but deep down we know the classic ones still hold dear to our hearts.