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Community Cats Sheltered From The Storm Thanks To Singaporeans

Credit: pikist, mui mui

It has been raining quite heavily the past few days. While most of us can find shelter within offices and malls, community cats don’t have that luxury. One woman, known only as Mui Mui on Facebook, took to the streets in the pouring rain to look for her feline friend.

She brought an extra umbrella to shelter her furry friend from the storm and even prepared warm cat food. She also wrote, in Mandarin, “Is this acceptable? You won’t get wet like this. Since it’s rainy, I cooked some hot fresh chicken for the precious, rain-soaked fur kids.”

Credit: Tenor

I mean, how many times have you longed for some fish soup or kway teow soup during rainy days?

Credit: Mui Mui

This lucky cat isn’t the only one to benefit from the generosity of Singaporeans.

Previously, umbrellas were “donated” to a napping cat during an equally rainy day earlier this month, in Jurong West.

Credit: Haslinda

An unnamed individual even donated their own sweater to a street cat. Although we may never know who the sweater donor is, their action has undoubtedly warmed the cockles of our cold, dead hearts.

Credit: Haslinda, Min Min

By the way, if you’re worried about the welfare of your community cats during this rainy season, you can always donate to the Cat Welfare Society (CWS). Did you know that besides funding the sterilization and healthcare of community cats, your donation also enables CWS to do more education, outreach and mediation?

The latter helps CWS representatives resolve cat-related disputes in a humane fashion. The former helps produce resources for distribution to the public, including information on responsible cat ownership and feeding.

Credit: Cat Welfare Society

CWS even has a selection of posters, available for free, to educate well-meaning people who leave food out for the cats, without realizing that their good intentions may be endangering them.

Do you have community cats in your area? Do you name all of them? Because I do. Tell us about your favourite cats on our Facebook page here.