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Cool Boomers On TikTok To Make You Smile

Source: Screenshot from Progress Singapore Party and Grandpa Chan

Singapore’s favourite hypebeast Ah Gong is now conquering TikTok! Dr. Tan Cheng Bock recently posted a TikTok on the Progress Singapore Party TikTok account. He is proving yet again that he is a cool boomer. However, he is not the only cool boomer that can make you smile on TikTok!

If you have not been on TikTok recently, you are missing out on all the cute boomer content. From dancing to pranks, these boomers are showing us that you can never be too old to be so cool.

Start off your week with these five cute boomers on TikTok!


Dr Tan Cheng Bock
@progresssingaporepartyJoin PSP’S FB Live concert happening on 20 Dec, link in bio! #ProgressSingaporeParty #FBLive #fundraisingconcert #danceduet #duet #duetchallenge♬ Laxed – Siren Beat – Jawsh 685

How cute is our hypebeast Ah Gong? Currently, the Progress Singapore Party TikTok account has two TikTok with Dr. Tan Cheng Bock. In the second Tiktok, he invites his followers to duet the TikTok of him dancing. It is so wholesome!


Daddy Ming
@daddymingMy son GOT so mad at me for this water prank @mingweirocks 🧢💦 #prank #meme #fail #funny #foryou #viral♬ original sound – DADDY MING 🦁

If you haven’t heard of him, Cedric Ng, also known as Daddy Ming on TikTok, is the father to Singapore’s Teakwondo athlete, Ng Ming Wei. Since the Circuit Breaker, this father son duo has been pranking each other. Right now, Daddy Ming have over 5.2 million followers on TikTok. They do not keep score, but you can tell that the dad has the upper hand here.


Grandpa Chan
@grandpachan#tlog #fyp #deargrandchildren #손주들을위해 #다따라해보기♬ Woah Pause – jaleena💍

Can you imagine your grandparents doing TikTok videos together? Grandpa Chan and his wife are showing the young generation how its done! The 78 year old Korean grandparents make TikToks to connect with their four grandkids. Now, they have connected with over 800,000 followers They are certainly couple goals! #fyp #grandpa #fashion♬ Papi Chulo – Octavian & Skepta

This is a man with style. is an 83 year old man from Wuhan who puts on streetwear outfits on TikTok. He probably has more style than most guys you know. The account is run by his grandson, Kangkang and now has over 22,000 followers. Get your fashion inspiration from him!


Grandma Flo
@jaaacief#thisorthat #fyp♬ It’s Tricky – RUN DMC

Ever miss hanging out with your grandma? Watch some wholesome content of Jacie and Grandma Flo on Jacie’s TikTok account, jaaacief! Jacie makes TikToks with her 90 year old grandma where they dance, sing, and make hilarious content that will definitely put a smile on your face!


TikTok is definitely a place where the young and old can connect. Many are making TikToks with their parents and grandparents. It is a fun family activity that can bring different generations closer together. Why not grab your parents to make a TikTok today?