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Cool & Practical Gadgets For The Millennial Techies


It will always be a game of catching up with the latest and coolest tech gadgets in town. Electronics are getting smaller, robots are stealing jobs and not forgetting the thousands of smartphone-related accessories and add-ons – we simply want them all.

The thing about gadgets is that they are super cool and it will definitely look good owning them. While some of these gadgets are invented to make our lives easier, there are others that falls into the category of ‘want’ instead of a ‘need’ – especially after looking at the disappointing numbers in our bank accounts.

Nonetheless, we have round up a mixture of cool, useful, nifty and fascinating gadgets for the techie side in you.





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This nifty gadget is useful for the note-takers, professionals and even students who often jot down their notes on their computer while learning from their textbooks or papers. Scanmarker lets you transfer printed text directly to your computer with a slide of the pen. It even has translation abilities that will ease the hassle of going back-and-forth with Google translate.

If only this was invented during my crazy student years…

What it’ll cost you: $193 via Lazada


Prinker Temporary Tattoo Printer


If you dreamed of getting a tattoo but unsure if it looks good on you, check out this handheld temporary tattoo printer that ‘inks’ your desired design on your body. If you don’t have a specific image in mind, there are over 5000 designs to choose from to find the one that truly pops. The tattoo is waterproof and lasts for approximately 1-3 days, enough to see if that wings design on your shoulder is the one to go for.



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What it’ll cost you: $372.99 via Prinker


Sony Vlogging Camera


When it comes to vlogging, your phone just doesn’t cut it, especially if you are looking to earn some cash or score a sponsorship deal while promoting or sharing your thoughts on camera. Sony has announced earlier this year about their latest compact camera designed for vlogging.

Its features include ‘Background Defocus’, which gives a bokeh effect in the background; ‘Product Showcase’, where the camera focuses on faces and the products or items your bring in frame in front of your face. That means no more product-against-palm actions. Vloggers, you listening?

What it’ll cost you: $999 via Lazada


Muzen Portable FM Radio Bluetooth Speaker



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We are swooning over the classic retro designs from Muzen. Their portable speakers are not only adorable, the colours are pretty much to die for. Don’t underestimate these miniature speakers for they prove that size doesn’t matter. The beautiful aspect about these speakers is its FM radio function. Apart from your mobile phones and in-built car radio setups, there aren’t many ways to tune into your favourite radio stations, yeah? How are we suppose to get our daily dose of news and traffic updates?

What it’ll cost you: $199 via Lazada


Razer KISHI Mobile Gaming Controller



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Take mobile controllers as an extension of your phone and a way to up your gameplay. It doesn’t matter if you are currently playing Fortnite, Battle Rotale, Mario Kart or even Diner Dash, this device is suited for avid or casual gamers. It consists of an eight way D-pad, two clickable analog sticks, two triggers, two bumpers and more. It connects directly to your phone’s USB-C port, so it’s time to bring your A-game!

What it’ll cost you: $129.90 via Razer


Senstroke Drumkit



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The thing about drums is that we associate this musical instrument to be loud and noisy. Therefore, it is not ideal to play at home in fear of our neighbours calling the Town Council to complain about the noise. This Kickstarter music gadget-instrument not only solves that problem, it substitutes the entire drumkit into two drumsticks which allows you to play on any surface and record your progress.

The drumsticks have little devices attached to it, which captures the drumstick’s rebounds for users to experience the genuine drumming sensations.

What it’ll cost you: $250 for a basic set via Senstroke


BlissLights Galaxy Projector



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Projecting your favourite movie onto your walls or ceiling is great, but what’s more amazing is the ability to turn your entire room into a starry night of illuminating stars and coloured light bursts.

Galaxy projectors create a soothing ambiance of gently swirling galaxies which provides a calming experience for both adults and kids. The young ones at home will have a blast role-playing their favourite superheroes and alien characters in this aurora-like environment.

What it’ll cost you: $78 via Amazon


Drop XL Wireless Charger (Watch Edition)



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Technology is all around us and we cannot get enough of it. When it comes to gadgets, it’s all about the battery life. Nowadays, going out with a phone isn’t enough; a portable charger is always in the bag on standby, just in case we need more juice to send that important text message or see what’s up on our IG feed.

This wireless charger is a multi-device wireless pad that chargers up to 3 devices at once, including your Apple Watch with a detachable charging puck. Less clutter to your workspace to charge in style.

What it’ll cost you: $219 via Native Union