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Singaporeans Love Daiso So Much We Now Have A Daiso Online Store

Credit: @heejung_sglife, @daiso_singapore

Our love affair with Daiso as Singaporeans is well known. Right after the Circuit Breaker of 2020 ended, Daiso Singapore saw long lines everywhere as Singaporeans emerged from their homes for a good deal.

Credit: @allsgstuff

This resulted in Daiso setting up a handy minisite that everybody can use to check the queue status of all Daiso outlets across Singapore. You can take a look here.

Now Singapore’s relationship with Daiso has gone another step up: the Japanese retail giant has set up an online store!

Credit: @eelkuaeryung

Feel free to browse Daiso’s famously wide selection of items on their new online store. Make sure you pick at least 5 items to qualify for shipping, which starts at a very reasonable $5. Given that most of us walk into Daiso and out again having spent much more than $15, that seems like a good bargain.

Whether it’s school supplies you need…

Credit: Daiso Singapore

…like this set of crayons which come with 48 colours, or this set of mini-markers ideal for making cards…

Credit: Daiso Singapore

Or everyday necessities like this giant packet of wet wipes or batteries for your Casio watch…

Credit: Daiso Singapore
Credit: Daiso Singapore

Or if you need to quickly top up on your mask supply…

Credit: Daiso Singapore

Or if you’re getting a quirky gift that you know that friend will appreciate…

Credit: Daiso Singapore

Know a friend who cannot resist nasi lemak?

A solar-powered maneki-neko | Credit: Daiso Singapore

Or a friend who’s always talking about he’ll do when he wins big at TOTO or 4D?

Credit: Daiso Singapore

Or maybe you and your bestie have a ritual where you exchange the weirdest low-cost gifts as a show of friendship. If so, this would make the perfect gift.

Whatever it is you need, Daiso has it!

Click here to shop on Daiso now.

Credit: @heejung_sglife 2

Are you feeling the urge to go and have a look at Daiso now? Are you getting that feeling like you need to buy something but can’t remember what? Tell us about the Daiso products you love on our Facebook page.