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Delight In The Excellence of Ekselence’s Ice Cream and Sorbet Treats!


All Singaporeans have a unique relationship with ice cream, owing to our hot and humid climate. From a young age, we have been grateful for the life-saving, beneficent sweetness that these cool treats provide. Now a new challenger has entered the ice cream market in Singapore, determined to introduce their unique, Nordic gourmet treats to every household.

Established in 1928, Ekselence is no stranger to the ice cream game. They believe strongly in the passion for perfection and this also extends to the safeguarding of their customers’ health. This is why their ice cream is 100% natural with no artificial additives, colours, or flavours. They also believe in using only the highest quality and freshest ingredients, which is why all produce, like milk, eggs and cream is sourced from the best farms in Europe.

Here are some new flavours from Ekselence you can look forward to trying:

White Chocolate & Raspberry Ice-cream Stick

Credit: Ekselence

Like white chocolate but am often worried that that treat you’re thinking about picking up will be too sweet? Worry not with Ekselence’s White Chocolate & Raspbery Ice Cream Stick. Made with real raspberries, the hand-sprinkled raspberry bits help to balance the sweet with hints of sourness. The white chocolate coating also packs a satisfying crunch.

Chocolate Coated Ice Cream Stick

Reaching for that crowd-pleaser you can share with your pickiest friends and family members? Reach for the Chocolate-coated Ice Cream Stick from Ekselence, which comes with a coat of solid milk chocolate.

Credit: Ekselence

Coco for coconuts? Treat yourself to the Coconut & Almonds Ice Cream Stick by Ekselence. Cool yourself off with the tasty, slightly nutty flavour of real coconut flanked by a generous and crunchy layer of almond bits.

If you want something lower in dairy content, or if you prefer something softer that you can scoop up with a spoon, try Ekselence’s range of sorbet products!

How about some juicy mango with creamy vanilla ice cream thrown in? The Mango Sorbet with Vanilla Ice Cream by Ekselence pairs the sweetness and tartness of mango with the richness of full-flavoured milk. Put a few pints of it away in your freezer, for enjoyment after an especially spicy main course!

Alternatively, you can eat, drink and be berry with Ekselence’s Wild Berries Sorbet with Vanilla Ice Cream! This refreshing treat is made from strawberries, blueberries and topped off with smooth vanilla ice cream.

Now that you’ve heard all about Ekselence, be on the lookout for them on your next grocery run! What flavours are you looking forward to try?