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Delight In Limitless Dim Sum At Tang Lung Restaurant

Credit: @tanglung_sg, @mightyfoodie

Tang Lung Restaurant opened its doors in September of this year, at Robertson Quay. It was a bold decision. After all, Robertson Quay is known more for its trendy watering holes than anything else. Tang Lung Restaurant’s focus, however, is very much on its food and less on its drink. Like any self-respecting Chinese restaurant, it has its roast meats, elaborate seafood dishes and noodle dishes.

It also has a mind-boggling variety of dim sum.

Credit: @mehmehfoodadventure

So much so that, its dim sum buffet, which was originally a Sunday-only affair, was soon made available on weekdays.

At $23.80 on weekdays, you might be thinking to yourself: I’m sure there are cheaper dim sum buffets. And maybe you’re right. But here’s the thing, will they be able to make everything fresh? And will they have more than 30 varieties of dim sum to choose from? And last but definitely not least, will they be able to offer you a complimentary bowl of La Mian?

Credit: @sgfoodfinder

You will have your pick of either Dan Dan Noodle, Dry Noodle In Chili Oil, Dry Noodle In Scallion Oil or Dumpling Noodle Soup. (Speaking of noodles, you’ll want to know about their 1-for-1 La Mian deal on MyFave!)

One of the shining stars of dim sum at Tang Lung Restaurant is the Truffle Mushroom Crystal Dumpling.

Credit: @sgfoodfinder

Along with mushrooms, there are also carrots mixed into the dumplings for that extra crunch. All of these ingredients are then carefully infused with truffle oil. Perfect for slowly savouring as you discuss your plans for world domination with your closest confidants.

There’s also the Pineapple Char Siew Tart, which looks good enough to eat for Chinese New Year and beyond.

Credit: @sgfoodfinder

The tanginess and slightly acidic taste of the pineapple also helps to offset any lingering oiliness from the Char Siew.

Think Pringles are addictive? How about Tang Lung Restaurant’s Flaky Skin Egg Tartlets?

Credit: @tanglung_sg

Relish the flaky, buttery crust as you pop a whole tartlet in your mouth and chew down on the gooey egg custard. Its itty-bitty size means it’s easy to pop and not stop until you’ve finished the whole set of them.

So the next time you’re in the mood for dim sum, pondering where to go, think of Tang Lung Restaurant. Just remember, although it’s a limitless dim sum buffet for your bottomless stomach, patrons are encouraged to keep their meals within 2 hours. You’ll need to get going before then and get walking, to work off all that dim sum.

Credit: @tanglung_sg

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