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Don't Miss Out On These 5 Ho Jiak Cafés This Weekend

Credit: Natalie Ling | @dddeeexxx

If trying to think up new places to bring your bae every weekend makes you anxious, then it’s time to rethink your brainstorming strategies. If you and boo are searching for something different, look no further. Check out our list of 5 Ho Jiak Cafés for the long weekend!

1. Pearl’s Hill Café

If beau is serious about Singaporean fare, take her to Pearl’s Hill Café for some of their award-winning satay. Dine in the courtyard and enjoy the plumes of satay-perfumed smoke and colourful graffiti as you wait for your food!

Credit: Natalie Ling

For starters, try their Pincho Sate Chicken ($9) for a delicious Indonesia-Spanish take on the classic chicken satay. The satay is juicy and tender and comes served to your table dressed up in a homemade chimichurri drizzle.

Pincho Sate Chicken ($9) | Credit: Pearl’s Hill Café

If you want a taste of their iconic Tiong Bahru Satay ($9) you’ll have to pre-order 3 months in advance.

Tiong Bahru Satay ($9) | Credit: @thetravellingcow

If boo takes her carbs very seriously, go for the Pesto Chicken Pasta ($13.90) or the Prawn Aglio Olio ($13.90) which features perfectly al-dente pasta tossed in deliciously creamy pesto or served with sinful garlic slices!

Prawn Aglio Olio ($13.90) | Credit: @jelldinesin

To wash it all down, try out their ice-cold brews like the Iced Nanyang Coffee ($3.50). Pearl’s Hill Café’s nostalgic decor makes for great gram pics so don’t forget to snap a few before you leave!

Address: 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace #01-56 S(168976)

Opening Hours: 11AM – 5PM (Mon – Sat)

Website | Phone Number: Pearl’s Hill Café | 9748 9904


2. Daizu Café

If beau is in the mood for Japanese but also wants brunch, bring her to Daizu Café. Located along Rangoon Road, Daizu serves up mouth-watering Japanese-Western fusion brunch.

Try out the Daizu Brunch ($22) for a plate loaded with truffle scrambled eggs, brioche and spicy sausage all drizzled with a homemade Japanese sauce for the full Daizu experience.

Daizu Café | Credit: @popwator

Other must-tries include the Steak Frites ($20) which is a tender striploin with a garlic shoyu dressing and the Grilled Chicken Thigh Rice Bowl ($14) which has a yummy onsen egg for you to dig into.

Steak Frites ($20) | Credit: Natalie Ling

To share, definitely try their Chili Soft Shell Crab with Brioche ($15) and dunk the fluffy slices of brioche into the sedap chilli crab gravy loaded with soft shell crab. For those who prefer something more classic, their White Truffle Fries ($12) are a must-try.

White Truffle Fries ($12) | Credit: Natalie Ling

Daizu serves top notch coffees to go with your meal as well, but if you’re not a fan of coffee do try their Daizu Cremé which is a flavoured drink layered with soy pudding. Sip down your brews and enjoy brunch in Daizu’s serene seating space, decorated like a Japanese garden for maximum good vibes.

Address: 129 Rangoon Road S(218407)

Opening Hours: 11AM – 10PM (Weekdays) | 10AM – 10PM (Weekends, PH)

Website: Daizu Café



If boo wants dessert or just needs some cheering up, bring her to KURA; a 90’s inspired café space dishing up French pastries with a Japanese twist. The interior boasts neon signs on the walls, a bar and a charming alfresco dining area.

Chocolate lovers must try the Marou Chocolate Paris Brest ($9.80). The crisp pastry is layered with a creamy chocolate mousse and cocoa nibs. The resulting bite is smooth, bittersweet and extremely decadent. Plus, it’s topped off with a gold chocolate buckle for that atas feel.

Marou Chocolate Paris Brest ($9.80) | Credit: Natalie Ling

Also try their Key Lime Tart ($4) for a deliciously tart bite layered with creamy goodness or the La Vie En Blanc ($11) for a slightly boozy kick with none of the consequences.

Key Lime Tart ($4) | Credit: Natalie Ling

Bring your beau out to dine on the charming alfresco deck to soak up some vitamin D while enjoying a sweet treat. Before you leave, don’t forget to snag some 90’s snacks from the in-house bodega!

Address: 46 Kim Yan Road, The Herencia #01-07, S(239351)

Opening Hours: 11AM – 6PM Daily

Website: KURA



4. Brunches Café

Tucked away in a quaint corner of Rangoon Road is Brunches, a small café serving up tasty brunch fare and coffee. Reserve your seat early and let bae dine in a small car for an ultimate brunch experience!

For brunch, you can create your own breakfast with the Pimp My Breakkie ($20.90) and fully customize your plate.

Brunches Café | Credit: @shirley_hellotitty

Meat-lovers should try out their Banger and Mash with Curry Ketchup ($17.90) for 3 different types of sausage, mash and a piquant curry ketchup.

Bangers and Mash with Curry Ketchup ($17.90) | Credit: Natalie Ling

Also try the Deluxe Spanish Omelette ($15.50) for a sumptuous fluffy omelette loaded with ham, cheese, onions, tomatoes and bell peppers with a side of toast.

Deluxe Spanish Omelette ($15.50) | Credit: Natalie Ling

The café has a cozily decorated seating space, with knick-knacks and memorabilia hanging from the walls making for a homey place to dine in. Plus, the gorgeous plating also means bae will get her fill of food gramming for the day!

Address: 96 Rangoon Road, S(218381)

Opening Hours: 11AM – 10PM (Weekdays) | 10AM – 10PM (Weekends)

Website | Phone Number: Brunches Café | 8685 8488



5. The Enchanted Café 

If boo has the munchies this weekend, The Enchanted Café is the place to be! Open 24 hours, the café is a serene spot ideal for winding down with a cup of coffee or slice of cake.

Credit: @singaporeinsider

The Enchanted Café is known for their all-day brunch, serving up dishes like the Enchanted Breakfast ($19.90) with a hearty fare of eggs, mushroom, salad, bacon and sourdough toast.

The Enchanted Breakfast ($19.90) | Credit: @j_essfood

Other must-haves include the Beef Pie with Mash and Double Cheese ($14.90) for a hearty pie with tons of carb goodness and decadent cheese or the Açai Bowl ($15.90) for a healthier vegan option!

Açai Bowl ($15.90) | Credit: @cheekycherryontop

Known for their cold brews, they have a wide array of flavours which are a must try for coffee lovers. For something more classic, try the Black ($6.90) or Mocha ($6.90) cold brews. For more adventure-loving guests, try the non-caffeinated flavours like Bandung ($6.90) or Rose Chocolate ($6.90).

Address: 88 Rangoon Road, #01-04 S(218375)

Opening Hours: Open 24 Hours

Website | Phone Number: The Enchanted Café | 8813 1086


Ho Jiak Cafés For The Weekend

So if you and boo are looking for somewhere different to spend your upcoming long weekend, tuck into the smorgasbord of yummy brunches, desserts and lunches above sure to have your tummy and hipster heart sated.

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