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Eat: This Hidden Spot Offers Sri Lankan Crabs & Bubble Teas With Free Islandwide Delivery


There is no Singaporean dish like the chili crab, or pepper or salted egg for the matter.

Hidden in an ulu place in Singapore is The Garden Kitchen, which caters to tour groups and is known for their succulent crabs. Since the circuit breakers measure and with COVID-19 ravaging the F&B industry, however, business has dipped badly for this restaurant.

But fret not! They have now launched a delivery service for their amazing food, and the top-seller is their Sri Lankan crabs and signature homemade bubble tea promotion. You can get 3 Sri Lankan crabs for $49.90, and add a $3.90 for one cup of bubble tea. Because their delivery service is free for orders $50 and above, this means you don’t have to pay extra!

We scoured their menu and trawl the web to find out more about their best sellers and deals:


Sri Lankan Crabs



Weighing at about 400-500g, each crab may not be a heavyweight but packs a punch in terms of sweetness and flavour. Sri Lankan crabs are highly-prized for their sweet, tender, and succulent snow-white meat that is used in a wide range of specialties such as chili crab, baked crab and pepper crab.

Given its wallet-friendly price of $49.90 for 3 crabs (each 400-500g), this is something you shouldn’t leave out when ordering.

The available options are Chili Crab, Black Pepper Crab, Butter Cream Crab and Gan Xiang Crab.


Signature Homemade Bubble Tea



Brewed with real tea leaves using their own recipe, this bubble tea is a cupful of roasted fragrance. Given the disruption of service to many favourite bubble tea shops, this may just be the perfect beverage to pair with those juicy crab claws. Each serving is priced at $3.50.

The available options are Classic Bubble Milk Tea, Earl Grey Bubble Milk Tea, Roasted Oolong Bubble Milk Tea and Matcha Milk Tea.


Mala Tang



With the exception of Chinatown, there just aren’t that many places selling mala tang – or mala soup – in Singapore. The Garden Kitchen’s mala tang is rumoured to be just the right balance of spicy and savoury, perfect for mala lovers! There are more than 30 ingredients to choose from, so there should be something for everyone.

And for those who cannot take spicy food, they have options for collagen soup base instead.


Salmon Mentaiko Don



This is apparently not just a normal zichar restaurant. Introducing another of their signature dishes – the salmon mentaiko don! According to them, the char-grilled smoky scent of the torched mentaiko will linger in your mouth creating a sensory overload and an addiction to this food item.

Mentaiko fans, charge!

Apart from the dishes featured above, The Garden Kitchen offers more than 80 dishes, including international cuisines.



If you are looking to expand your dining choices, The Garden Kitchen may be the one to try this week. To be eligible for the delivery service, there is a minimum spend of $30, with a delivery fee of $3 to $8. And if your order is above $50, your delivery is free.

Visit their Facebook page to find out how to order.


The Garden Kitchen

Address: 10 Raeburn Park, #01-28, Singapore 088702

Opening Hours: Daily, 10am to 1.30am