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Enjoy Ice-Cold Drinks, Music and Good Vibes At Kult Yard

Credit: | @kultyard

Nightlife has waned considerably during the Covid-19 pandemic, with many popular spots shuttering during the Circuit Breaker of 2020. It can be frustrating, especially if you’re trying to plan a chill night out with a couple of friends to catch up on gossip.

So if your search for a new hangout spot has turned up futile, look no further! From the creators of Kult Kafe comes Kult Yard, a hipster’s go-to bar for tasty cocktails, feel-good music, and the coolest alfresco seating area!

Credit: @kultyard



What Is Kult Yard?

Tucked away in Pearl’s Hill Terrace, Kult Yard is an outdoor bar perfect for avid bar-hoppers looking for a change in scenery. With its breezy alfresco seating area in the heart of the old police barracks, you and your pals are in for a night of good vibes!

Credit: @kultyard

Affectionately nicknamed the ‘Backyard’ by Kult Yard staff, Kult Yard sits on a hand-painted ground mural covering its entire operating area. The multicoloured mural brings light and colour to the courtyard, making for a truly unique dining experience in the daytime. At night, strobe lights of all colours bring the seating area to life so that you can sip your drinks and get those gram-worthy snaps! Good vibes, even better drinks and great music mean the best spot in town for a night out!



Creative Concoctions

Apart from its remarkable day-to-night transformation, Kult Yard also curates their very own drinks menu. With the extensive list of creative concoctions, you’re sure to be spoilt for choice!

First-time guests should try Kult Yard’s signature Kult Julep ($16), which is your spirit of choice swirled with kaffir lime leaves, homemade Gula Melaka and fresh lime juice. A refreshing, sweet-sour cocktail that just hits the spot, it’s a must-try! For those with an iron stomach, go for their Bloody Belacan ($16), a Singaporean twist on the classic Bloody Mary with Sambal Belacan instead of tabasco!

Image: Kult Cooler ($16) | Credit: @kultyard

Other popular options include the Dill and Tonick ($16), which has fresh dill, salt and pepper mixed into gin and elderflower liqueur. Then there’s also the Berry Kool! ($16) which is your choice of gin or vodka with fresh berries and ginger beer.

Image: Berry Kool! ($16) | Credit:

Beer and cider fans can opt for their Rotating Selection of Craft Beers and Ciders ($12). Featuring a mix and match of craft beers and cider perfect for sharing with your friends! Kult Yard also offers regular beers like Tiger, Heineken and Asahi at $12 per bottle!

Plus, keep a keen eye out for their cheeky packaging featuring Hokkien phrases!

Image: Draft Beers (Witbier and American IPA) | Credit: @kultyard



Non-Alcoholic Options

Non-drinkers rejoice! Kult Yard offers non-alcoholic versions of all their cocktails, meaning you can join in on the fun, but with none of the consequences.

Apart from mocktails, there are also fizzy non-alcoholic drinks sure to quench your thirst! Try their Boylan Bottling Sodas ($6), and choose from Root Beer, Ginger Ale or Blackcherry!

And, if you’re craving something lighter, go for the Uber Rooibos Iced Tea ($6). You can choose from either Honey and Lemon or Mango and Vanilla. It’s an exceedingly tasty drink to sip on through the night that isn’t going to leave you bloated or tipsy – perfect for remembering all the juicy gossip!


Best Place For A Night Out

Say goodbye to crowded, stuffy bars full of sweating, writhing bodies. At Kult Yard, enjoy yummy drinks while basking in good vibes! Head down with your friends or maybe that special someone for a catchup session under the stars. It’s sure to be an experience you won’t forget – so hurry, make your reservation now!


Address: 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, #01-54, 168976

Opening Hours: 3 PM – 10.30 PM (Tuesdays – Sundays, Closed on Mondays)

Social Media: Facebook | Instagram

Reservations: Whatsapp 83611848