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Enter A New Audio-Visual Realm With Planeswalker At SIFA v2.020

Source: Splithalo and Such A Mood

Transcend across different planes of existence with Planeswalker as his performance, Entity, takes you on an audio-visual journey of self-discovery. Planeswalker will be part of the Sound Social Series in Singapore International Festival of Arts v 2.020 (SIFA v2.020). This is his first-ever live performance since his debut in April 2020.

With his first show sold out in a matter of weeks, Planeswalker will be having a new slot for his live performance at 10pm, Wednesday, 9 December 2020. However, the tickets for the live performance is very limited due to safe distancing measures. Remember to get your tickets fast!

In case you can’t get the tickets for the live performance of Entity, catch the performance via Video On Demand (VOD) from 14 – 21 December 2020. Get your tickets from $10, $15, and $20 (pay as you wish) for VOD and $15 for the live performance.

About Planeswalker
Source: Such A Mood

Spotted! Media had the chance to chat with Mervin Wong, the man behind Planeswalker, over Zoom about his upcoming performance. He describes his creative work to be his journey treading on the planes of existence for inspiration, music genres, and ideas. Not knowing where he belongs in music, Planeswalker straddles between different facets of creations while exploring his craft with different collaborations.

Enter Entity

Get ready to travel to another realm with Planeswalker and his creative team during Entity. Audiences will get to experience an audio-visual temporal soundscape that allows them to internalize and understand the narrative as their own.

“We want (the audience) to experience the music and take their own experience as they listen to the music and the performance,” said Mervin when asked about Entity.

Source: Splithalo

The performance will feature a collaboration with Splithalo, a local visual artist, who will be creating a visual narrative that pairs with the performance. Watch as Planeswalker and Splithalo react to one another as audio and visual connects during the performance and creating a narrative as they go along.

Entity will be a new kind of experience for the audience and the Planeswalker creative team. While planning for the performance, the team explored creative ways to create a live show that can be hybridized into the video experience as well. They considered the different ways that the video will be experienced and how the audio would translate when using headphones.

“I think COVID-19 has really forced all of us not just as creators, performers, but as audience as well to really rethink our relationship with consuming content in a broad sense,” said Mervin.

Source: Such A Mood

Mervin, who would describe himself as a viola, grew up being serious about becoming a professional violin, or viola player. In fact, his old iPod was 128 gigabytes of purely classical music when he was younger. It was only during 2013-2014 when he started listening to current music which blew his mind.

“The strange thing was that when I started exploring outside of (classical music), I felt like the training that I had given me the freedom to do a lot of things that I felt like I didn’t really need to think about because they were so ingrained in me through training (sic),” said Mervin.

Source: Kimbery Kiong

Identifying himself as a ‘fanboy’ of the local sound art scene, Mervin hopes to work with the likes of Kin Leonn, weish, and Anti Shift. Be sure to look out for his future collaborations with other local sound artists and even visual artists like Charmine Po in his future shows.

The Sound Social Series

The Black Box at Goodman Arts Centre is a nostalgic performance space for Mervin. He grew up going for Chinese Theatre and art classes in the space and expressed extreme excitement to be one of the first few to be performing in the newly refurbished Black Box.

Source: Arts House Limited

Aside from his performance as Planeswalker, Mervin is also looking forward to the performances by Zul Mahmod and the collaboration between weish and Marc Gabriel Loh – all part of the Sound Social Series.

You can catch Zul Mahmod’s live performance on 16 December 2020, Wednesday, 8pm and his VOD performance from 21-28 December 2020. The collaboration between weish and Marc Gabriel Loh is between 23-29 December 2020 on VOD. Make sure you grab your tickets for these cutting-edge performances!

In the meantime, get hyped for Entity by listening to Perihelion by Planeswalker to get a glimpse of the ethereal experience that he and his creative team will bring.