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Experience A New Way Of Being With ThisConnect

Source: Julaila Latiff

After the uncertain and crazy year that is 2020, it is time for us to slow down and take a breather with ThisConnect before embarking on a new year. Experience a new way of being while exploring this multi-disciplinary exhibition that will give you a new perspective on mental health.

ThisConnect – Threading Worlds was created by a local social artist duo, Hunny and Lummy. It aims to raise awareness on mental health, help with suicide prevention, and inspire society to be more authentically connected to each other.

The exhibition is open from 12 pm to 9 pm. Visitors are required to register and book their slots prior to coming to the exhibition. You can register for the exhibition here!

Source: ThisConnect

Located at 1 Neil Road, the exhibition has been curated in a way for you to be immersed in the experience just by entering the space. It houses seven different artworks that you can take the time to watch or listen to with the headphones provided.

Source: Julaila Latiff

You can choose to go to the artwork one by one according to the order that you see or walk through the space and pick out the artwork that resonates with you first. According to Hunny, there is no right way to experience the artwork.

“Just by you passing by the space, you are already experiencing the work. It is something that you may not be necessarily aware of. It takes a lot of sensitivity and awareness to be able to pick up those things,” said Hunny.

Sit and listen to the different artwork slowly merging in the background. The works are all very different and yet, they intermingle gently all together.


A Safe Space
Source: Julaila Latiff

The exhibition explores different aspects of human connection as well as mental health and emotional wellness. Almost all the artworks displayed involves stranger interacting with one another and talking about their past struggles and daily issues. Due to this, Hunny and Lummy ensure that all participants are in a safe space when they recorded the artworks.

“We want to show that safe spaces are very important, and it is possible to create a safe space between human beings,” said Hunny.

Even in the exhibition, the artists ensured that all visitors will feel safe enough to explore the exhibition. They also provided forms for all visitors to complete at the end of their experience to make sure they are not overwhelmed by the exhibition before they leave.


Differing Perspectives
Source: Julaila Latiff

Bring along a friend with you to the exhibition and realize how different your perceptions of the artworks are. ThisConnects allows people to start up discussions about mental health in the space and may even get a better understanding of each other.

“Two persons might be watching Tipping Point, for example, but their understanding and realization are super different even though they are standing side by side,” said Hunny. Tipping Point is a three-screen video depicting a man blowing a balloon in three different spaces.

Intimate Conversations
Source: Julaila Latiff

Experiencing the space alone is also quite refreshing. Take your time and really listen to the artwork. You will notice that your five senses will be engaged while you listen to the stories.

The artwork above is a social art piece that involves two strangers having a conversation and painting one another with their backs facing each other. Listen to their conversation while you admire the painting. The experience feels personal and intimate as you understand what the paintings represent.

Source: Julaila Latiff

One of the most intimate works in the exhibition would be I Feel You. Listen to two strangers pour their hearts out to each other about their life for 10 minutes. While one of them is sharing, the other person can only say, “I feel you.”

You can experience the artwork in two ways. Listening to from the headphone while sitting in front of a screen or watching it from the projection while sitting on the bench. Both ways have its own unique experience that you should try out for yourself in order to understand.

The work offers visitors a new outlook on how a person can listen in order for the other person to feel heard. It will make you reflect on how you communicate with the different connections you have.


ThisConnect is available at their satellite venues where they are showcasing selected works. Here are the venues and dates:

Temasek Shophouse From 17 December 2020 to 17 January 2021
Library@Orchard From 8 January 2021 to 8 February 2021
Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre From 2 January 2021 to 8 February 2021


After ThisConnect, Hunny and Lummy have plans to continue to raise awareness on mental health and suicide prevention. Do lookout for more exhibitions and even workshops from them.

Remember to book your slots for ThisConnect! The exhibition will refresh your mind and open you up to a new way of connecting with others in 2021.

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