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Facts You Need To Know About Skate Culture In Singapore

Source: @gucccilang and @theskateboardingschoolsocial

If you are looking to pick up skateboarding as a new hobby, this is your sign. Skateboarding is slowly becoming popular again in Singapore. Over the years, the skating culture in Singapore has really evolved into more than just a recreational hobby.

Skateboarding has always been associated with rebellious teenagers in the past. Now, skateboarding is recognised as an Olympic sport so you might want to consider signing your kids up for skateboarding lessons rather than swimming.

In case you are not familiar with the skating scene in Singapore, here are some basic facts that you need to know about skating in Singapore!


Olympic Skateboarding Qualifier held in Singapore
Source: @theskateboardingschoolsocial

Did you know that Singapore was set to host Asian Street Skateboarding Championship in 2020? This event was also a Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 qualifier for skateboarding. This was a huge deal for skateboarders in Asia as the Tokyo Olympic Games was going to be the first-time skateboarding is recognized as an Olympic sport.

Unfortunately, the event was canceled due to Covid-19 and additional precautionary measures to minimize the risk and contain the spread of further transmissions. On the bright side, we can look forward to more international and regional skating events held in Singapore.


We Have An ‘Game Of SKATE’ Competition

If you can’t wait for international and regional skate events, why not support local skaters in Somerset Battle Grounds? Somerset Battle Ground is one of the many local skating competitions held in Singapore. It is a national flat ground skateboarding competition with a new local twist to the traditional “Game of Skate.”

If you have not heard of “Game of Skate,” it is a skill-based game where a skater set a trick and the other player must repeat the trick. If the other skater fails, they will get a warning in a form of a letter that will eventually spell out SKATE. The first player to spell out SKATE loses.

Source: Screenshot from Somerset Battle Ground

To enter, skaters had to post a video of them with #firelinesg while doing four continuous ground tricks in a line. This skating competition is the first of its kind in Singapore and the competition is posted on YouTube.

Somerset Battle Grounds is currently still on-going, and you can watch your local skateboarders battle it out here! Keep an eye out for these skaters because you never know if we secretly have a future Tony Hawk in our midst.


We Have A Skate Bar
Source: @gucccilang

Have you heard about the Skate Bar in Somerset? Halfpipe Skate Bar is Singapore’s first-ever skate bar. Best of all, it is an age-friendly bar. For those 18 and above, the bar serves craft beer that will definitely quench your thirst after a long day of skating under the sun.

For the skaters who are not of legal age or do not drink alcohol, they serve coffee and hot chocolates too! The bar also has a section dedicated to your essential skate tools and decks. Since it is a walking (or skating) distance from Somerset Skatepark, you can easily grab your tools in case you ever need it.

Address: 111 Somerset, #01-15, Singapore 238164

Opening hours: Daily, 8.30 am – 10.30 pm


Skate Parks In Singapore

There is a total of 8 skateparks that are still opened in Singapore. You can easily remember these places for your next skate session with your friends!

Here is a list of the skate parks in Singapore as of January 2021:

Somerset Skate Park

Source: @lucyscoooter

Address: 1 Somerset Rd, Singapore 238168


Xtreme Skate Park (East Coast Park)

Source: @va_llll

Address: East Coast Park Service Rd, Singapore 449876


Sports Hub Skate Park

Source: Angela Chng

Address: 14 Stadium Dr, Singapore 397641


Scape Skate Park

Source: @kenobi.on.blades

Address: 1 Somerset Rd, Orchard, Singapore 238162


Buangkok Sports Park

Source: VY Maps

Address: 985C BuangKok Cres, Singapore 533985


Hougang Skate Park

Source: @BoJackHuman on Twitter

Address: Hougang Ave 6


Woodlands Skate Park

Source: Angela Chng

Address: Woodlands Drive 50, Singapore 730890


Bishan Harmony Park

Source: Cheen T. from Foursquare

Address: Bishan Rd, Bishan Harmony Park

If you don’t feel like skating at the skate parks yet, no worries! You can skate anywhere in Singapore as long as you are respectful to pedestrians as well as public property.


Now that you know the basics, time you go to your nearest local skate shop and get a skateboard! It is never too late to start skating. Protect your ankles and stay safe!