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Family Of Five Cleans Up Singapore Neighbourhood Park


What did you do for your weekend?

This family of five planned an outing to a neighbour park and brought supplies to help clean it up. Their actions were captured on video by redditor u/Raftel88, who posted it to the subreddit for Singaporeans and Singapore residents, r/singapore.

Armed with trash bags, plastic bags and a pair of tongs, the parents brought their three kids around to pick up litter. Though it was only a brief video, the family’s altruistic actions gained widespread praise in the subreddit, picking up 1.9K likes, or upvotes, as Reddit terms them. The post also got multiple community awards.

Singaporeans also chimed in with descriptions of their brushes with good parenting in the wild, such as one redditor who used to work in the Tourism sector. He described his experience witnessing a mother teaching her son about personal responsibility and the consequences of littering.

According to u/Raftel88, this park is located along Gangsa Road, which is in the Bukit Panjang area.

If you are thinking of getting out there to help keep Singapore clean, why not consider joining up with some friends? You can register at the Public Hygiene Council’s website for a park or beach clean-up session with four other individuals. Safe Management Measures apply so be sure to read up the rules and familiarize yourself with them before registration!