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Fashion Inspiro: Fun Ways To Twin & Win Without Looking Tacky


Twinning is a common new-age slang which refers to the moment when two people wear/act/do things that are similar. It can be intentional or purely accidental – when the same outfit is worn without planning. But one thing’s for sure, twinning is not just for lovebirds. Sometimes we just want to declare to the world we love our BFF, or it can be something cute like parent-and-child matching wear.

And we don’t want to look tacky because who wants to turn out wearing the exact same thing to a party? So here are 4 inspirations on how to twin and win effortlessly.


Dad & Babe


It’s easy to find matching dresses for mom and baby girl, or dad and the lil’ lad. But daddy and daughter matching wear is a tad harder to find. You don’t have to go for the same t-shirt design – simply coordinate colours and fabrics to achieve the twinning effect. Try a washed denim loose-fitting shirt with black jeans, and finish off with matching sneakers! For that extra cool factor, let your baby girl mimic daddy by putting on matching sunglasses.




Forget friendship bands (welcome to the 90s) or matching airpod casings. Show off your love for your partner in crime in style with matching tees that also tell your personalities, setting the both of you apart!


Team Bride


It’s not easy to pull off mismatched bridesmaid dress styles because they have been literally twinning since forever. However, gone are the days of jie-meis and xiong-dis wearing the same outfit, so let’s spice it up a little! If your wedding has a theme, stick to it and find dresses that fit; or just stick to a colour series that work.

Granted, this may need more effort but the end result will be so worth it.




Ever looked back at your childhood photos and think that those identical outfits rocks? Me neither. Chances are, most parents are guilty of dressing up their kids in the SAME kind of clothes in the name of twinning. Well, it’s time to change up the game. If you really must twin, try prints that match but don’t say the same thing, and your kids will go from drab to fab!


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After all, nothing shouts “he/she’s my other half” like twinning. Have you rocked any twin looks before?