Fun  Health   ·   25 Aug   ·   08:08 AM   ·   1 minute Read

F&N Fruit Tree Launches New Soursop Juice Drink


When you’re out for lunch on a hot sunny day, do you often order lime juice to go with your meal? Ever find yourself wanting something else that’s sweet and sour? Now you can try F&N Fruit Tree’s new Soursop Juice Drink, which comes with little chunks of nata de coco, so you can chew on them while you cool down.

The Health Promotion Board has also certified the drink with the Healthier Choice Symbol, since it is naturally fortified with vitamin C. It is also up to 25% less sweet when compared to other juices.

According to F&N, just one glass of this drink will help you to hit your daily recommended dose of Vitamin C!

Next time you pass by a Fairprice outlet, consider snatching a 1-litre pack of F&N Fruit Tree Soursop with Nata De Coco at $2.60.