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Fun At-Home Activities For All Ages You Can Do Over The Weekends

Credits: @WomenShopsWorld | @TimeOut

“I get you. Thinking of where to go over the weekends can be sian and time-consuming so you probably just end up staying at home, whiling your time away. Yet, being at home does not equate to just lying on your bed and scrolling your phone. What a sloth! If you’re pacing around thinking of what to do to help time move faster or have some quality time with your family, check out our list of activities you can do at home during the weekends, for all ages! 

1. Jigsaw Puzzles 

This activity is not just for the grandmummies. Get a sense of satisfaction from completing a jigsaw puzzle, then move on to the next! Jigsaw puzzles not only hone your brain cells – they are a good way to improve your communication with each other, too. If you think you’re up for a bigger challenge, try solving a jigsaw puzzle with 4,000 pieces and more! This should keep you pretty busy.

Credits: @TheWallStreetJournal

2. DIY Beads Bracelet / Ring Making 

This may look slightly challenging, but it is honestly not! I personally have made this my hobby and it occupied me the whole day to make those. Make a family or couple bracelet for you and your loved ones. The fun thing is, you are able to design your bracelet/ring, however you want!

Credits: @WomenShopWorld

There are step by step tutorials on both Youtube and Webpage for you to refer to, to make your life easier!

3. Read a Book 

One of the surest ways to spend time while enjoying yourself is through a book – be it fictional or non-fictional ones. Pick up a genre you enjoy and get transported into the world of blurred reality! You can also read self-help books to improve yourself and your language skills. Heh.

Credits: @STATNews

4. Home Workout Exercise 

Want to get those beach bodies and wow your friends after Phase 2 HA is over? There is no better way to start than now by exercising at home! Get your lazy bums out of the couch and search for workout videos on Youtube. Pull your family members along to do it with you for some motivation. It can be a short 15 minutes or a full-blown cardio event. Woo-sah!

Credits: @Parade

5. Painting 

Rejuvenate your mind and your soul by painting what you love. Channel your inner artist to draw your favourite scenery of Singapore or a cartoon character. Painting is such a great activity to bond too. If you do not have much of a creative cell in you, try Paint By Numbers, a type of painting where you fill up the blanks by painting with the colours provided on corresponding numbers. You can even fill a wall in your house with the paintings you have done!

Credits: @MyModernMet
Credits: @Paintingtogogh

6. Card/Board Games 

Back to some old-school fun. Monopoly Deal, Uno, Jenga, you name it! Playing cards or board games allow you to have in-depth interactions with one another. It creates happy hormones in your body and brings joy to people playing.

Credits: @TimeOut

7. Embroidery 

Get crafty! Sew an aesthetic design or a design you fancy and hang it in your room. If you are an amateur in Embroidery, get an Embroidery kit on Shopee which has all the tools required. This is such a peaceful activity you can do at home with some background music to get into the mood.

Credits: @BusinessInsiders

8. Learn a recipe at home! 

Be a homechef! Spend quality time with your family by picking up a few recipes from the internet and whip up a spread. Since most of us are at home now, it may be cheaper to cook at home for the whole family. During the weekends, you can try something different by baking muffins or pastries to enjoy. Count us in!

Credits: @AsianInspirations

Going out is not the only option to spend quality time with your family and friends. There are so many things to do in the comfort of your cozy home. Happy weekends!