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Get Crafty With Mural Lingo's Natural Pigment Workshop

Credit: Days With Grey | Mural Lingo

The weekend is here again, and with March done and dusted, we’re all searching for a new weekend activity to keep us (and the tots) busy. If trips to the Singapore Zoo or Universal Studios just isn’t for you and you’re craving something a little artsier, then we’ve got just the lobang for you!

For a limited time only, get crafty at Mural Lingo’s natural pigment workshop! Put on your artist smock, ready your paintbrushes, and get ready for a productive day of painting and learning all about natural pigments!

*A Malay word to describe an opportunity or chance.


About Mural Lingo

Since 2014, Mural Lingo is a multi-disciplinary platform studio that works at the intersection of technology and the arts. Through cutting-edge technology and elegant murals, the studio creates immersive experiences through various art events, programmes, and workshops.

Credit: Delegate

You might have seen some of their breathtaking murals across Singapore, what with the myriad of bright colours sure to catch your eye from metres away! Their murals are painstakingly handpainted by dozens of volunteers and artists, and more often than not, you can see tots in action as well! Who says mural painting is bland and boring?

Credit: Mural Lingo


Natural Pigment Workshop

Back by popular demand, Mural Lingo’s beloved natural pigment workshop is back in town! Happening from 10 to 11 April, Mural Lingo is partnering with City Sprouts for a special Easter weekend event!

Credit: @murallingo

During the workshop, you’ll learn all about extracting pigments from natural sources like berries, vegetables and turmeric powder! Try your hand at painting up your masterpiece with the natural pigments you’ve created, and you can even snap a few pictures for the gram!

Credit: @murallingo

It’s a tot-friendly, educational activity perfect for keeping the whole family busy! If your little ones love to get their hands dirty, then this is the perfect afternoon activity for you. Look forward to smiles all around and maybe some noses covered in bright, red pigment once the workshop is over! Tickets are selling fast, so hurry, get yours now!


Address: 102 Henderson Road, 159562

Date: 10 – 11 April 2021 (Saturday – Sunday)

Price: $25/pax

Time: 12 PM – 1PM, 2PM – 3PM

Tickets: Natural Pigment Workshop


Why Use Natural Pigments

With the surge in single-use plastic waste, our landfills are overcrowded and polluting the environment. Out of the myriad of plastic waste, one lesser thought-of product would be paint tubes and containers. When buying acrylic paint for arts and crafts, not many consider the waste accumulated after every finished project.

Credit: Is Acrylic Paint Toxic

Natural pigments are much more sustainable and reduce the impact on the environment. Save up vegetable and fruit scrapings at the end of the week, and DIY your very own array of paints for the weekend!

Plus, natural pigments are equally as satisfying to paint with and make an excellent, toddler-safe alternative to your run-of-the-mill paints. No more worrying about your toddler accidentally ingesting acrylic paint during family time – natural pigments are entirely safe to consume! So, if you’re a parent looking for a secure medium for your tots to play with, consider natural pigments instead!

Credit: Days With Grey


Tasty Painting Experiences

This weekend, treat yourself (and the little ones!) to an art-tastic time at City Sprouts with Mural Lingo’s Natural Pigment workshop! Delve into the world of pigment-making, and paint up a masterpiece to take home. It’s the ideal day-out excursion for the little ones, and it’s sure to have them all tuckered out for nap time back home!