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Get Ready To Be Cosy: IKEA x Byredo Candles Are Coming


Every Singaporean probably has an IKEA item or two in their home. The furniture superstore excels at designing easy-to-assemble, fun furniture that’s affordable. Everyone seems to love IKEA and even people who don’t have IKEA furniture rely on IKEA for something. Whether it’s their large, blue reusable bags, their lint rollers or their tealights, IKEA always has something you need.

Though IKEA has always had tealights and some scented candles, this time they’re upping the game by collaborating with luxury lifestyle brand Byredo.

Byredo, which is also a Swedish brand, specialises in personal and home perfume. Their product names have unforgettable and evocative names. Here are the names of some of their candles for home: Bibliothèque, Apocalyptic, Fleur Fantôme and Loose Lips.

Here’s a description for Loose Lips:

“A scent evoking a velvety lipstick imprint. A vintage fragrance of rose and violet petals reminiscent of the vibrant makeup of the 1980s, enriched with a touch of Morello cherry, iris root and rice powder.”

Intrigued? You’re not alone.

If you’re curious, the Bibliothèque candle will make your house smell like a distinguished, grand old library. As for Fleur Fantôme, the scent makes use of ingredients like heliotrope, rhubarb and tulip extract, just to name a few, to add a subtle, sublime floral scent. I’ll leave Apocalyptic up to your imagination.

IKEA’s scented candle series developed in conjunction with Byredo will be called OSYNLIG. There will be 13 different scents but so far, IKEA is holding the details close to their heart.

According to IKEA’s U.S. website, the collection will debut in November. No word yet as to whether this limited collection will come to Singapore though. I’ll also be interested in looking at OSYNLIG’s price range because Byredo’s candles range between $50 – $90 and their perfumes range between $200 – $300.

Meanwhile, if you’re curious about Byredo, here is their website. For now, it seems as though the only products they have available in Singapore are personal perfumes you can purchase through Zalora. Bibliothèque seems to be one of their most popular scents as it is only available in bottled form. Which means you, dear reader, can smell like a walking encyclopedia if you want to. Here are the names of some of their other perfumes, because I just can’t get enough: Eleventh Hour. Oud Immortel. Mojave Ghost.

What are some of your favourite scents? Would they fit right in with your home aesthetic? Let us know in the Facebook comments!