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Get Your Tastebuds Shook This Mooncake Season!


It’s THE time of the year to indulge in high-caloric treats once again – the long-awaited Mid-Autumn Festival which is as much a competition of who can whisk up some of the prettiest mooncake designs as a showcase of romantic love, with the story of Houyi and Chang’e as a romantic backdrop.

On this day, friends and family typically gather to indulge in delectable mooncakes, sip on tea and admire the full moon. While the gathering may be smaller this year, one thing we Singaporeans will not give up is the hunt for the trendiest mooncakes. Beware, you may not be able to resist buying a few after this.


Shangri-la Hotel


An unexpected, refreshing twist in flavour-town is happening soon! Now for sale, the new Signature Mini Baked Custard with Bird’s Nest ($96 for 8 pieces) and Limited Edition Mini Vegan ($138 for 8 pieces) mooncakes are served up this time round. Bet you never thought Bird’s Nest would make a good mooncake ingredient!

There’s also the Peranakan-Inspired Gift Box Set ($118) which is a whole beast on its own. Each box is serialised from 001 to 999, a one-of-its-kind purchase; how premium! It’s mooncake box is also worthy of collection, with 3 mini drawers for storing small items like jewellery. But the true star of this baby is the 4 pieces of Baked Mooncakes filled with Bak-Kwa, Pork Floss & Nuts. Check, check and check.

The mooncakes are available till 1 October, but do catch the early bird specials where you’ll see discounts of up to 30% when you order before 16 August. Hurry, there’s still time! Check out the deals here.

Order the mooncakes via the online shop here.


InterContinental Singapore


Ever wondered how a Chendol mooncake tastes like? So did we, and now you can! The Snowskin Mooncake: Heritage Collection ($84 for 4 pieces) by Intercontinental Singapore comes with other locally-infused flavours like Pandan and Coconut Kaya, Durian Pengat and Pulut Hitam. Definitely not your usual mooncakes, eh? And also not your typical packaging!

Man Fu Yuan’s mooncakes are stored in this exquisite tingkat-style carriers (yes, you read right!). Decorated in soft hues of pink and turquoise with a touch of peranakan architectural motifs, it’s definitely a range to look out for this year.

The mooncakes are available till 1 October, and the early bird specials closes on 28 August! Check out the deals and order here.


Bread Garden


Durian flavours? No surprise there given Singaporeans loooove Durian-themed foods. And now another one has joined the thorny ranks! For years, Bread Garden has been satiating loyal fans and customers with their signature snowskin Mao Shan Wang Durian mooncakes (from $23). This season, the Diamond Jewel Treasure Set ($52 for 4 pieces); with snowskin Lychee Roselia, Coco Divine and Yuzu Mango.

If the mooncakes have caught your attention, the featured boxes will definitely catch everyone else’s. Presented in a solid gold metal box and choice of single- or double-tier with LED lights, there’s no better way to bling up your Mid-Autumn this year. Mind. Blown.

The mooncakes are available till 1 October, but do catch the early bird specials where you’ll enjoy 15% discount with a minimum spend of $80 when you order before 25 August. Psst… they also sell Halal mooncakes to gift to Muslim friends! Check out the deals here.


Singapore Marriot Tang Plaza


Prefer something that looks more atas? Then this one’s for you. In commemoration of this Festival, Tang Plaza’s latest mooncake collection is nothing short of ultimate extravagance and luxury. Last year, we were honoured to get the chance to taste the ultra-delicious Gold-dusted Black Truffle with Bayonne Ham ($82 for 4 pieces), so we’re delighted to see a comeback this time round! And if you wish to skip the tea and head straight for atas booze, there is a premium set which is bundled with a bottle of Laurent Perrier champagne.

For a chilly finishing, you’ll find that the snowskin series made up of flavours like Mandarin Orange with Caramel Sea Salt Truffle, Rose Tea with Champagne Truffle (and more!) pairs extremely well.

To top it all off, the premium box can easily be configured as a jewellery box. It comes in 4 compartments and with a mirror, finishing up your whole experience with a whisper of au revoir.

The mooncakes are available till 1 October, so check out the deals and order here.


Mandarin Oriental Singapore


For the minimalist and traditionalist, you’ll fall in love with the Lugu Oolong Tea with Melon Seeds traditional mooncakes! ($48 for 2 pieces; $84 for 4 pieces). While it may not be as flashy – or some may say, creative – it definitely wins in the department of taste and flavour. Kudos to Mandarin Oriental, because it can be hard to find a good piece of traditional mooncakes these days!

The oolong collection also comes in snowskin, where you’ll find a more dessert-style range like the Oolong Tea Infusion with Dried Apricot and Pumpkin Seeds ($78 for 8 pieces). While desserts may be fattening, the signature Low Sugar Silver Lotus with Single Yolk baked mooncakes ($45 for 2 pieces; $78 for 4 pieces) will definitely be one for the health conscious.

This year’s packaging box comes in a beautiful and minimalist wooden box with oriental floral prints and colours are dependent on the set you’re buying.

The mooncakes are available till 1 October, so check out the deals and order here.


Pan Pacific Singapore


Called the Four Treasures Snowskin Mooncakes collection, Hai Tien Lo’s luxurious line-up of 11 exquisite handcrafted baked and snowskin mooncakes makes an appearance in the Mid-Autumn scene this year. Fans will find the hot favourite from last season, Hazelnut Yuzu, along with new flavours like Matcha Black Sesame, Raspberry Chocolate and Soursop Lychee ($68.60 for 4 pieces).

Pan Pacific knows how to house their mooncakes in a box fitted for royalty. Crimson satin-covered exterior, soft and smooth to the touch. Adorned with intricate florals and a wooden lattice centrepiece, we’re definitely keeping this one!

The mooncakes are available till 1 October, but you’ll find promo codes peppered around the site. So hurry and check out the deals here.


Regent Singapore


Regent has worked with several dining outlets for this season’s Mid-Autumn to create some truly offbeat flavours; an oddball range of mooncakes. You’ll soon see what I mean.

The stars of the latest palette ($76.64 for 4 pieces): Pistacio, Fig and Amarena Cherry ($76.64 for 8 pieces) and Double Espresso and Almond Marzipan snowskin mooncakes inspired by Basilico. And there’s the alcohol-infused Plantation Rum, Spiced Coconut and Yuzu snowskin mooncakes inspired by Manhattan. That’s not all – check out the full range here.

It’s hard to choose what to get when you can’t imagine how they’ll taste, so Regent has got you covered with the Regent’s Snowskin Collection (Assortment) which features 8 mooncakes each from the unique range of their collaborators.

This year’s collection is housed in an elegant box that transforms into a lantern, paying homage to the traditions of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The mooncakes are available till 1 October, and early bird specials of up to 30% discounts will be valid till 23 August. Check out the deals here.


Raffles Hotel Singapore


Made for comfort and tradition, Raffles Hotel’s mooncakes have been a mainstay in Singapore’s Mid-Autumn celebrations. This year, we see new additions like Yuzu and Osmanthus Truffle and Apricot and Sourplum snowskin mooncakes joining the fanfare; alongside last year’s popular Champagne Truffle snowskin mooncakes ($76 for 8 pieces). It’s not just these ones – with the wide range of premium traditional and snowskin creations available, there’s something for everyone.

As with the rest, the mooncakes comes in an exclusive design. For this season, Raffles Hotel’s mooncakes are laid in a simple opulence within an intricate tin box.

The mooncakes are available till 1 October, and staggered discounts of up to 25% for early bird orders till 25 September. Check out the deals here.


Holiday Inn


Praline lovers, jump for joy with Holiday Inn’s newest collection of snowskin mooncakes! Xin Cuisine has crafted 2 new flavours – White Lotus Seed Paste with Grand Marnier Praline and Green Tea Paste with Jackfruit Praline ($66 for 6 pieces). They are a little smaller than most which makes sense because the sweetness and smoothness of praline means you can better enjoy it with smaller bites.

Their bestsellers are also making a comeback, with the Peranakan Durian snowskin mooncakes hitting the shelf along with a low-sugar variant of White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk baked mooncakes ($74 for 4 pieces).

While the packaging this year is a simple oriental printed box, it does not take away from the exquisite taste and festive cheer this Mid-Autumn Festival. Boxes of various design will be distributed at random subjecting to availability.

The mooncakes are available for online order till 29 September, and there’s a buy-one-free-one deal happening right now! Check out the range here.


The Marmalade Pantry


Perhaps one of the most lifestyle-friendly mooncake brand this year is The Marmalade Pantry. Featuring only 4 mooncake flavours, the limited edition collection is made with a lot of thought in mind.

An alluring collection of four distinctive baked mooncake flavours, offering healthier options in low sugar (made with no pork and lard), would be a perfect gift for any business associates and friends this Mid-Autumn Festival. Made with environmentally friendly rattan paper material using traditional hand-woven techniques, the artisan-made scarlet red handbag is styled with a bamboo carry handle at the top, a PVC-leather fold-over flap attached to a bamboo twist-lock and fully lined with polycotton fabric in the interior. Designed with high durability and reusability in mind while combining with elements of classic fashion, this stylish bag definitely accessorises and completes the endless summer style.

– The Marmalade Pantry


This collection sees an entrance of 2 new flavours: Macadamia Nuts with White Lotus Paste and Baked Taro with Lychee, along with past favourites Double Yolk with White Lotus Paste and Golden Charcoal Baked Mooncake with White Sesame mooncakes. So this Festival, why not indulge in a premium look, extravagant taste and save the environment all at the same time?

The Marmalade Mix is at $68 for 4 pieces of each flavour, the Classic Collection is at $72 for 4 pieces of Double Yolk with White Lotus Paste mooncakes. Easy peasy for your choosey.

This collection is available for online order till 1 October, with early bird specials closing tomorrow so you need to move fast. Check out the range here.

The showcase of mooncakes triumps the past year’s each time and whether you are a keen traditionalist or adventurous dissident, one thing for sure is we are in for a surprise every time. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, y’all!