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Got A Wax Seal Laying Around? Here Are 6 Creative Ways To Use Wax Seals!


Many of us remember the hot burn of wax playing with candles as kids, there’s just this special allure to play with a malleable medium like wax. Which is probably why seeing wax seals satisfies us in a weird but familiar way. We’re used to seeing wax seals stamped on letters from those old English shows, but we gotta upgrade with the times right? Here are many other ways to appreciate the beauty of wax seals. But eh careful, don’t burn yourself hor.




It’s no lie that we all love a little tactile edge to our scrapbooking, if you’re the rare few who still do it that is. This is the atas version of those 3D stickers we used to fight over for.


Invitation Card


If you got an invitation that looks like this, you’ll probably keep it in your stash of pretty cards collection. Hey, we’re not here to judge! We like to keep chio things, even it means hoarding wedding cards.


Stamped Treats



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Here’s the kind of craft that your friends will say – wah, why so step? We say why not! If you’re someone who bakes regularly, why not step up your cookie game using wax seals as décor? How about some stamped dark chocolate? YUM.


Extra Ingredient Seals



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If some of you aren’t satisfied with the vanilla wax seals, overachievers have successfully risen to the challenge to make unique looking seals! As said before, we hoard pretty things, even it means we don’t know what to do with them.


21st Century Letters



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To bring it back to the basics but fitting for our times, small and simple drops help tie in, quite literally, a fancy letter for any occasion. This one’s for our crafty friends! Don’t say never say.




A brilliant way to make use of wax seals is in art! Fusing two types of crafts together is a sure-fire way to elevate your work, so give it go and have fun with the experience. Just don’t drip them wrong and create #instantregret.

Looking for wax seals? Etsy offers a wide range of fun, unique and customisable seals from all around the world, so if you’re looking to make your own or find one off the “shelf”, check out their listings here!