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Here's What Not To Do While Recovering From Your CNY Feast

Credit: @yum_yum_yu, @stanley_chee

You learnt sometime last year, that if left to your own devices, just how much of a homebody you could be. During the Circuit Breaker, your daily route to work consisted of walking from your bed to your desk. While your friends bemoaned the end of weekend trips to Johor Bahru and visits to KTV clubs, you were fine with staying home.

As the weeks went by and your sedentary lifestyle veered dangerously close to a vegetative one, your waistline grew. This growth only accelerated during Chinese New Year, when the pressure to eat and the temptation to snack is ever present.

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Although it may be tempting to remedy the situation fasting, you can forget about doing so. It can hinder rather than help your efforts to lose weight!

Instead, follow these handy tips to stay on the right path for shedding those extra kilos.

Limit Your Snacks

Chinese New Year is synonymous with snacks and an abundance of food. As it turns out, it’s easier for us to overeat when there is a variety of food. That’s why we tend to overeat at buffets. And when we have access to readily available, differing snacks. But if we stick to just one type of food, we finish our meals much faster.

Sleep Well

Sleep is linked closely to digestive health. Not getting enough sleep could cause you gain weight! If you’re regularly missing out on a good night’s rest, your body may struggle with producing enough of the chemicals needed for signalling to us that we are full and that it’s time to stop eating.

Find An Excuse To Move

Not all of us have the luxury of time. But if you can, devote a little more time to detours. Find a longer route to and from your favourite cai fan or mee pok stall. Get up from your desk every now and then for a walk. This especially applies if you’ve got that bloaty feeling, which can be alleviated with a bit of a walk!

Before & After CNY (in reverse) | Credit: Reddit


You don’t have to do a full cardio workout three times a week. Find something that keeps you moving and keep doing it! Whether that’s swimming, cycling or lifting weights, develop a new habit and stick to it! Keeping to your schedule and looking at your results have never been easier with Lumihealth, which is an app developed jointly by Apple and the Health Promotion Board. It’s all about integrating healthier lifestyle choices over a reasonable period of time.

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