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Homemade Bakes For Your Pups And Kitties

Credit: The Barkery, Barking Good

Most of us know someone who has a pet. Whether they have a hamster, a cat or a dog, they likely care a great deal for their four-legged family member.

Credit: Barking Good

And while most animals seem to love eating the same food over and over again, it’s natural for us humans to feel like we should make some effort. To give them a special treat, on the day of their birthday or their adoption.

Enter the world of bakeries and kitchens that sell cakes, quiches and more for your pets!

The Barkery

Credit: The Barkery

Serving doggie treats that makes good boys and girls wag their tails since 2011, The Barkery has a fine selection of nearly everything. From regular cakes, novelty cakes to dried treats, they have it all. According to their website, they are also proud supporters of local animal shelters. Shelter animals deserve all the love and help they need!

Isa Pets And Bakes

Credit: Isa Pets And Bakes

It’s easy to mistake this for something you can get at a upscale restaurant. But these salmon meatballs in coconut broth is 100% meant for canine consumption. Isa Pets And Bakes also does rainbow cakes, tarts and burgers. And yes, they are all gorgeous and none of them will look out of place in a hotel setting.

Barking Good

Credit: Barking Good

In a stroke of irony, one of the few places that also makes cakes for cats is none other than Barking Good. In fact, their online shop is divided into Dogs, Cats and Humans. Dogs and cats alike can enjoy specially made cakes and small bites. There’s also pizza, succulent cupcakes and yes, seafood paella. Sadly, the only thing you can buy in the human section is a gift card.

Buy Some Bling, Do Some Good

Credit: Postman’s Trinkets

Unsure if the special treat you’re planning to give them is suitable for your pet? If your pet has any digestive issues in their history, it’s best to consult your vet before making any purchases. Meanwhile, if you want to show some love for animals of Singapore’s pet shelters, consider Postman’s Trinkets.

30% of all proceeds go toward funding pet shelters!