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How Not To Fall: In The Fight Against Fast Food, Defence Is Not Enough

Credit: Cap E, thespruceeats

Although I think of myself as somebody that tries to eat healthy, sometimes I make mistakes.

I have to admit that I have looked at, tasted and touched things that I shouldn’t. I can hardly help myself when fast food conglomerates will not leave us alone! Picture this: I am alone at home, no junk food or fast food anywhere. Suddenly when I’m watching a YouTube video, an ad for Kentucky Fried Chicken comes on.

Credit: Disney

I’m sure you understand where this is going.

I have got to watch the ad, soldier through it, in order to access the rest of the video. All thoughts of rocket leaves and julienned carrots fly from my mind as gleaming, thick thighs of chicken dance provocatively on my 17” laptop screen. As luscious buns straddle wet leaves of lettuce and a golden chicken fillet breaded by agents of sin, I begin to salivate.

Credit: CW Seed

This is, of course, very bad.

As someone whose heart rate only goes up due to generalised anxiety disorder and not exercise, my metabolism is basically non-existent.

Can I make a special appeal to the fast food conglomerates?

(As most of you no doubt have our website bookmarked, I’m sure you are listening.)

Please, please spare some thoughts for those of us who stumble so easily into sin.

all the McDonald’s outlets in SG | Credit: McDonald’s

As Singaporeans, most of us are not a particularly active bunch. After all, complaining and queuing up for fun hardly qualify as cardio.

This is why you fast food honchos, should consider us especially vulnerable and you should all feel terrible for taking advantage of us. Here are 3 things you can do to help.

Cover Up Your Food!

If the tobacco industry managed to do it, what’s your excuse?

Credit: wemadethis UK

Instead of spending millions on doctored images of food which never looks quite right in person, just do away with the pictures.

Don’t subject us to your oily promises of pleasure, even as the cast-off from your food snakes its way into the arteries of our hearts and proceeds to clog them up.

Expectation VS Reality | Credit: knowyourmeme

Allow Us To Opt Out Of Your Ads

To protect us from temptation, let us opt-out from your ads.

Never again will an innocent Singaporean have to content with lustful thoughts of hotcakes doused in maple syrup while they attempt to eat their economical, yet mostly healthy two veg one meat caifan.

When Darkness Beckons, Think Of Singapore

Credit: CraveFX on giphy

This one is not for the fast food conglomerates, but for those of us who are trying our darndest to eat healthy.

To those of us, I say unto thee, “When darkness beckons, think of Singapore.”

A healthier Singaporean is one that will likely live longer and thus, be of service to the state for a longer time. If you truly love Singapore, first you must love yourself enough to abstain from fast food.

A man who has fallen | Credit: CW

Having said all of this, it’s not enough to just shield ourselves from fast food.

It won’t do to keep reminding ourselves of all the buns we can’t put in our mouths or all the finger lickings we’re missing out on. We need to actively focus our minds on healthy living – for the sake of Singapore.