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How To Survive Overcooked & Where To Download The Game For Free


Each week, the Epic Games Store will be offering at least one free game title. And this week, it’s Overcooked.

This game is a cooking simulation game, with players controlling chefs in kitchens filled with obstacles and hazardous situations. Since its release, the award-winning game has enjoyed a strong following with players from all around the world.


The gameplay, as described by Gameranx, goes something like this:

The Onion Kingdom is under threat by a gigantic, insatiable meatball called The Ever Peckish, and it’s during these opening moments players are taught the basics: Chop, combine and serve. At first, it’s just salad and tomatoes, but the single-player campaign, which is sprawled out across a creative menu that’s navigated by bus gradually reveals additional ingredients like mushrooms, onions and raw meat. In every level, a timer starts ticking down to zero, customer orders keep snowballing, and tension levels keep rising, transforming Overcooked into a challenging experience that somehow dodges monotony.

Before you dive head in into this crazy game, here are some tips to help you get ace the missions.


1. Teamwork


Overcooked is a hectic game made for 1 – 4 players. Your and your friends must work as a team if you want to survive those harrowing kitchens from hell. It is normal to shout at, grip the hands of and tackle your friends in the name of communication. So get those comms going well before the orders start piling up.


2. Watch it closely


Watch your pots and pans! In Overcooked, things can happen so quickly you’ll never know what hit you.

MUO says:

The cooking timer gets delayed once you add another ingredient, so if you’re making soup and it’s about to burn, just toss in another ingredient to reset the timer. If there are no ingredients available, just take the pot or pan off the burner and place it on the counter. It stops cooking but picks up where it left off once replaced.


3. Survey the situation

Before you barge into the kitchen and start fumbling around, assess the situation first. Go in, look around, get acquainted with the environment and find out where essential items are located.


4. Practice Makes Perfect


Like most frustrating games, the more you play, the better you’ll get. It’ll take some time to get synchronised with a new kitchen – so don’t be disheartened if you’re stuck in the same place for more than an hour. You’ll get there! As the age-old adage says: Practice makes perfect!


Free Download


Good news! If you’re looking to start on this crazy game, Epic Games Store is offering Overcooked for free till 11 June.

This is one of the many free games EGS has released and will be releasing, as they have announced that they will be giving out free games every week for the whole of 2020 through their Epic Vault. That’s a whopping 53 game titles! So watch out for the next mystery game as well.

Note: Overcooked is not available for Mac.