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How To Zhng Your Glamping Experience With the LUMOS AURO

Credit: @lumosprojectors

Glamping is the trend that took Singapore by storm: picturesque views, glorious spreads of snacks, fairy lights and candles; who wouldn’t be in love?

So what better way to zhng* our glamping experience than with the LUMOS AURO Home Cinema Short Throw Projector (Smart Version), which comes with in-built Netflix and YouTube! Watching our favourite Netflix movies under the stars sounded like #glampinggoals.

*Hokkien for upgrade.

Credit: Glamping City



Initial Impressions

Upon unboxing, we were pleasantly surprised by the LUMOS AURO’s minimalistic design. Dressed in a simple black and white colour scheme, it made for an aesthetically-pleasing addition to our glamping setup. The LUMOS AURO also comes with a remote, power and HDMI cables for use.

Credit: @wafirashid

When lifting the projector out of its packaging, we were surprised at how light it was. The design is also exceptionally sleek and compact, designed to be easy to carry. The compact design, combined with how light the projector is means manoeuvring takes little to no effort. So transporting the projector to and fro during glamping is a sweat-free experience!

We also found that the LUMOS AURO comes with USB and HDMI ports, suitable for plugging in your devices. It also has an SD card slot for you to relive your recorded memories with all your friends!

Credit: Natalie Ling


User Impression

The LUMOS AURO runs on the Android 6.0 operating system and includes YouTube and Netflix, accessible by connecting the projector to your mobile hotspot or WiFi. Once connected to a mobile hotspot, we used the remote to navigate the different home screen applications before selecting Netflix (of course). The LUMOS AURO also offers Airplay for wireless screen-casting from your mobile device, ideal for showing your pals the newest trending videos on TikTok if Netflix isn’t for you!

LUMOS AURO also comes with in-built Dolby Audio speakers, so it really is a ‘plug and play’ experience for users! Audiophiles can connect their favourite speakers via Bluetooth too for the best movie-viewing experience.

Credit: littledayout

LUMOS AURO’s interface is straightforward to use, so both technology enthusiasts and amateurs can explore easily. Plus, the responsive interface means no lag is getting in the way of memory-making!


If you’re not a fan of navigating with the remote, you can also utilise the USB ports to connect your wireless keyboard and mouse. This way, you’ll be able to search for movie titles at breakneck speed! Not to mention, you can also connect your computer with the HDMI cable.



Image Quality

Being at the mercy of Singapore’s unpredictable weather meant our glamping dreams were confined to the inside of a van. Using a light reflector, we fashioned a makeshift projector screen against the van’s back doors and just hoped for the best!

Credit: Lumos Projectors

Despite the dozens of fairy lights illuminating the van’s interior, we were amazed at the image quality. With a resolution of 1080p and 6000 lumens, the picture is one that’s vivid, high-contrast and hits the spot. The result is a gram-worthy mini-cinema right at your fingertips that the cinephiles will adore!




Overall Impressions

With its lightweight and compact design, the LUMOS AURO is a portable cinema away from the cinema. Ideal for use during camping or glamping trips, users can utilise its many connectivity options to watch movies, Netflix or even do screencasting from your mobile device. The easy-to-use interface and operating system make for an intuitive user experience, sure to cater to users of all calibres. The high-quality image also meets the ultimate shiok factor, making for a perfect end to your glamping night!

Gone are the days of straining your neck to watch Netflix on your laptop – make the smarter switch over to the LUMOS AURO Home Cinema Short Throw Projector (Smart Version) and #supportlocal for a cinema experience wherever you are! Also, check out our glamping trip with the LUMOS AURO here!