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If You Love Durian, It's Time To Visit Goodwood Park Hotel


Goodwood Park Hotel in Singapore is famous for a few things. Firstly, the historic and elegant building has been around seemingly forever – since 1900. That makes the building 120 years old! Secondly, the owners of Goodwood Park Hotel, the Khoo family, are well-known figures with director Eric Khoo perhaps being the most prominent. His father, Khoo Teck Puat, for whom the hospital in Yishun is named over, is likely the second most well-known. Finally but definitely not least, there is the hotel’s famous annual Durian Buffet.

This year, Goodwood Park Hotel will hold their Durian Buffet from 17 October to 15 November at Coffee Lounge. If you know someone who cannot live without fulfilling their monthly durian quota, this buffet is a must. For $58.80 per person, you can satisfy your need for durian via a full spectrum of durian-filled pastries. From éclairs to swiss rolls and crepes to mousse cakes, Goodwood Park Hotel’s buffet has it all. You can stroll in during lunch from 12pm to 2:30pm or for dinner from 6pm to 10:30pm.

By the way, Coffee Lounge is also a popular place to go for Taiwan Porridge. If you think you will have space in your stomach for both porridge and durian, you can opt for the set meal, which gives you access to the buffet and one set of Taiwan Porridge at $72 per adult and $43.20 per child.

If, for any reason, you’re working on having less durian and need to physically separate yourself from a room full of durian-filled treats, worry not. You can still grab a pastry or two of your choice at The Deli. You’d also be happy to know that these treats will be available beyond the buffet, until 30 November!

Here are the prices for the individual treats:

For those who’d rather indulge in private, note that pre-orders and deliveries need to be placed five days in advance. You get free delivery if your order hits $120 or above. Minimum order for deliveries is $50 with a delivery fee of $50. If you work in the central area though, you could always pick it up yourself – no minimum order required if you do so!

To place a reservation, you may call the hotel’s hotline at +65 6730 1746 and do it via email at You can also visit the hotel’s website for more information on all durian-related offers here.

Do you know any durian lovers? Are you a durian lover? Time to make a date and head on over to Goodwood Park Hotel and then offset everything with lots of “cooling” drinks afterwards.