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Is Singapore Set To Become The New Hub For Plant-Based Proteins?


Singaporeans will soon get more plant-based meat alternatives in supermarkets across the country. Impossible Foods plans to release its products in Singapore and Hong Kong to the general public at the same time, in the near future. Previously available only commercially, Impossible Foods is now targeting the consumer market due to a decline in people dining out.

Impossible Foods joins Beyond Meat, whose products are already in supermarkets like Cold Storage, Fairprice NTUC and online grocery store Redmart.

Currently, both companies are US-based corporations that make mostly approximations of beef and pork. A Singaporean company may soon join the fray, however, to shake things up a bit.

Calling themselves Life3 Biotech, their focus is centered on healthy proteins. Currently, they are formulas that replicate the taste of chicken and seafood. Founded by Ricky Lin, the company’s products are currently undergoing customer trials in hotels and restaurants. According to an article on CNBC, the public can expect to have as taste of its products later this year. Imagine having a bowl of laksa with prawns that were grown in a local lab!

Differentiating themselves from their competitors, Life3 Biotech doesn’t call their products meat alternatives. To them, mimicking the taste of meat is not as important as having higher nutritional value than other similar products in the market. What also sets them apart is that their products are in their raw form and thus are more culinarily versatile.

Earlier this year, the company announced that they would be setting up a facility in Paya Lebar to produce Veego, Singapore’s first plant-based protein. Veego is made out of legumes, mushrooms and grains.

Another company that is setting up a facility in Singapore for the mass production of plant-based proteins is US-based Eat Just. Instead of meat proteins, Eat Just produces egg substitutes. Have you ever seen eggs that come in a bag? Imagine the same thing in a bottle – that’s what Eat Just’s egg substitute looks like. Except it comes from mung beans and not chickens. The company also produces mayonnaise made from this egg substitute, which is already available in major American supermarkets.

Both Life3 Biotech and Eat Just’s facilities are set to produce upwards of 1,000 metric tons of alternative protein each year.

What are your views on meat alternatives, or protein alternatives? Have you managed to try an Impossible Burger yet? For me, well, I’m just excited to see what cai fan stalls will do with the protein alternatives.