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Is Your Pet Secretly Helping Santa For Christmas?

Source: @mafan.mushu and @shelties_penuts_and_layla

Christmas is around the corner! While we rush to prepare for our Christmas celebrations, Singaporean pets are also getting ready. On Instagram, various pets are putting on adorable outfits that make them look as if they are secretly Santa’s little helpers for Christmas.

It is hard not to imagine these cute pets helping Santa Claus in their little outfits. We found 10 cuties who look like they are secretly spreading the magic of Christmas.

They are so cute that we have to share!


Undercover Santa
Source: @shelties_peanut_and_layla

Meet Peanut and Layla! They are deputy Santas who helps to send presents through doggy doors and ensure the pets in the house do not think Santa is an intruder. Peanut is almost 3 years old while Layla is 1 years old this year. They may be young, but these cuties definitely get their job done!

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Source: @my_peiby_lola

This is Lola! Lola decides who is naughty or nice this Christmas. You can try to sway her with belly rubs and soft pats on the head, but she is very dedicated to her job. This Shar Pei pup cannot be bribed easily when it comes to Christmas!

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Mochi is Santa’s right-hand man when sending out presents! She makes sure the right present goes to the right house and helps Santa navigate the way. Mochi is only a few months old but takes her job very seriously. Santa would get lost with her!

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Reindeer Pawtrol
Source: @teddy__pomapoo

Teddy is super new on the job. He is only 6 months old but is already on Santa’s official Rein-dog team. He is one of the fastest and most adorable on the team. This Pomapoo pup spends his free time napping to save up energy for Christmas!

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Source: @cozypawssg

Move aside Rudolph, Leo is here to lead his pack of Rein-dogs for Christmas! He may not have a red nose, but Leo will definitely stand out in the night with the mini Santa on his back. He recently turned two and is eager to send delivering presents this Christmas.

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Decor Meownagement Team

Source: @mafan.mushu

Santa’s little elves are getting cuter and cuter every year! Meet Mafan and Mushu. Their job is to add more festive decorations on Christmas trees in Singapore. This pair of 3 year old siblings are passionate about decorations and will always bring the Christmas spirit with them!

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Source: @kohaku.ahmeow

No Christmas decoration will be complete without stockings! Dusty is the Senior Stocking Specialist. She hops her way into everyone’s heart by always making sure there are treats and presents in every stocking she sees!

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Source: @supermariolovesyou

You may not know this, but every Christmas tree secretly has a cat guarding the tree. Meet Ming, one of the Tree Guardians in Singapore. No one touches the Christmas tree without Ming knowing. When he puts on his adorable uniform, he means business.

Catch Ming on his cat dad’s Instagram here!


Source: @floofyblobs

If there is no Christmas tree, the Decor Meownagement will send down a Kit-tree! This is Haru, one of the Kit-tree in Singapore. You will not be able to tell the difference unless you suddenly hear the tree meowing for snacks! Rest assured, your presents will definitely be safe under this Kit-tree!

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Present Specialist
Source: @furrylilroof

One of the most important jobs during Christmas is the Present Specialist! Whisky takes her job very seriously. She is in-charge of deciding what everyone gets for Christmas. When she has the time, she will also arrange the presents nicely under the Christmas tree.

Watch Whisky arrange presents here!


Our furry friends are working hard this Christmas to ensure you have a Meow-y Christmas and a Happy New Year. Be sure to follow these cuties on Instagram to see how they all celebrate Christmas!