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It's Happening! Neopets Goes Mobile


When was the last time you fed your virtual pets on Neopets? Or played some games to earn neopoints (currency in Neopets)? Well, now you can keep track of your pets on to go with the newly introduced Neopets mobile! Yes, it took them this long to finally play catch-up with technology.

For the uninitiated or the Gen Zs who have no idea what they are missing out on, Neopets used to be THE online game site where you can adopt and personalise your own pet, play games, steal omelettes and fight in battles.

The new mobile site is open for beta testing now and you can sign up on the Neopets home page. While not everything in Neopia has been moved over, we are not complaining about the nostalgic ride back to the 2000s.


To celebrate the beta version of Neopets on mobile, we can’t help but to share our favourite elements on this wonderful game. I am not shy to tell you that even though as a grown woman, I still log in to the site once in a while to play Hasee Bounce, restock my shop, collect my bank interest and fulfil faerie quests for rewards.

And it’s not just fun and entertainment, I realised I have gained invaluable life lessons through playing this game for nearly 20 years now.


Positive Attitude


You turn up each day at Tyrannian Plateau to do one thing – try your luck to obtain a free omelette. If you’re lucky, you could grab one to feed your Neopet or sell it to earn some quick buck, and if you’re super lucky, there are rare omelettes like the ‘Tangy Tigersquash’ and ‘Ugga Melon’ omelette that could fetch you a high price in the market. I am no omelette fan but this has taught me to always show up and go in with a ‘just try’ attitude




I run a shop in Neopets and the process has taught me supply and demand better at an early age. I create a shop layout with varying themes to stand out from the crowd (my first brush with HTML & CSS); suss out the market on trendy items; pricing my items by checking out my competitors using Shop Wizard; and setting aside a small budget for marketing and advertising.

Who ever said games are not good for kids?


Stock Market


I kid you not when I say I played the stock market as a teenager and earned at least 200% of what I had invested in. While those skills may not have transferred to real life, I more or less have some fundamental knowledge of how diversifying my portfolio and how the buy-and-sell market works.




Singaporeans are known for our haggling skills. ‘Got discount?’ is probably our favourite phrase whenever we purchase an item, be it overseas or locally. Neopets taught me the art of negotiation – getting what you want, when you want it, at the price you want.




You can have the luxury of keeping more than 1 Neopet, but it constantly tells you how your pet is feeling and I’ll admit, I feel so guilty if they aren’t as uppity and satisfied as I would like them to be. It is your responsibility to take care of your Neopets and their pets (yes, they are called petpets). Feed them, restore their health and spend loads of Neopoints to play with them.