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Join Doraemon At The National Museum of Singapore This Weekend

Source: @henry_ng_chin_hui and National Museum of Singapore

Your childhood dreams of time traveling back in time with Doraemon can finally be a reality. Head down to the National Museum of Singapore this week to meet Doraemon in person.

Doraemon’s Time Traveling Adventure in Singapore is free for all Singaporeans and permanent residents. It will be available till 27 December 2020 and will open from 10am to 7pm with the last entry to the exhibit being 6.30pm.

Learn About Doraemon
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Ever wondered just how big Doraemon is? Take pictures with the various Doraemon statues scattered across the museum’s lawn. If you grew up watching Doraemon as a kid, you are bound to recognise the gadgets featured in the exhibit.

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Did you know that Doraemon is a robot cat from the future? Visit his time traveling machine and maybe you can turn back time to escape 2020!

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In case you did not know, Doraemon was originally yellow! Look out for the yellow Doraemon with cat ears as you walk around the exhibit.

Participate In Activities
Source: National Museum of Singapore

Discover popular old gadgets that Singapore used to produce in the past. You will certainly travel back in time with Doraemon when you admire the museum’s collection from the 1960s to the 1980s. According to The Straits Times, the Doraemon exhibit has been curated with highlights from these collections.

Source: National Museum of Singapore

This is a great opportunity to educate yourself on the local collection while reliving your childhood nostalgia with your kids. Kids (and even adults) can have a hand at transforming artifacts displayed at the museum into their own futuristic gadgets.


Source: National Museum of Singapore

Stand a chance to win exclusive National Museum of Singapore Doraemon collectibles when you participate in a fully online scavenger hunt across the island on your phone.

The online scavenger hunt called “Let’s jalan-jalan!” features lesser-known stories about 14 neighborhoods in Singapore. Travel all around Singapore with Doraemon while being in the comfort of your own home. This is especially great during this time of unpredictable weather.

Source: National Museum of Singapore

If you do visit the museum, don’t forget to grab some of the Singaporean-themed collectibles designed by Supermama, a Singaporean lifestyle brand. How cool would it be if Doraemon could hang out in your HDBs?

Keep a lookout for “Get Curious”, another activity that will be launching this coming Monday, 16 November 2020. This activity needs you to be in the museum to participate in the journey so get ready to head down to the museum.

Enjoy a fun day of learning and taking pictures at the National Museum of Singapore!