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KPO Is The Best Place In Singapore For Brunch

Credit: KPO

Planning to catch up with a friend but not sure where to go for brunch? If you want somewhere cosy to sit and sip so you can actually hear yourselves talk, KPO is the perfect place. Situated right opposite Orchard Central, it’s the perfect place to go to after work for a few drinks. There’s outside seating for folks who are sick of being in an air-conditioned room all day, including a sheltered area should it rain. The inside of KPO is tastefully lit with comfortable seating perfect for having lots of drinks and bites while chit-chatting.

For those in-the-know, in addition to being a great place to get tipsy, KPO is also an awesome place to dine.

Especially now that they are having a lunchtime offer.

Credit: KPO

This deal is open to all who come to KPO for a main from Monday to Friday, between 11:30am to 3pm. Have any drink added to your order for just $6 nett. That’s right, any drink. A must if you like pairing your brunch with some booze!

Enjoy a hearty bowl of KPO’s wildly popular take on Hokkien Mee with pork belly strips, squid and prawns with crispy pork lard for $15. There will, of course, be fiery and savoury sambal on the side, prepared in-house. Or have an Impossible Burger, prepared with grilled balsamic onions, sriracha aioli and homemade chips for $16. Feeling like some Japanese? Why not try the new Chicken Karaage rice bowl, served with red miso aioli for $12?

(A note: all prices are nett!)

Credit: KPO

Pair your lip-smacking mains with drinks such as a pint of Guinness, Asahi Super Dry Black or a glass of Alamos Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon. Choose any for just $6 each!

Oh and by the way, any subsequent drink, because one pint is never enough will also be $6.

If you need a break from alcoholic drinks, that’s OK because KPO also has fresh juices and cold-pressed juice mixes. From cranberry, grapefruit to yuzu, they have anything that will match your mood.

You can check out KPO’s lunchtime menu here.

What are you looking forward to try at KPO? Personally, I just want to stuff myself with maki-rolls and dark beer.