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Lifestyle: Create Your Own WFH Space With This Unique Cardboard Desk


If you, like many Singaporeans, are stuck at home with your father, mother, grandparents, sister, brother, children… you get the drift; and you are constantly trying to mark your territory at the dining area with sheets of paper and stationery strewn all over, this desk is for you.

The announcement of the circuit breaker almost two weeks ago brought Singaporeans from all walks of life to their knees, and huge crowds were seen flocking to IKEA to pick up space solutions such as desks and other home and DIY products.



Must. Buy. Desks.

For those who are facing space constraints or prefer to have a structured workspace to do something productive, here’s some good news. With $25, you can get a makeshift cardboard desk which is sustainable, and honestly oh-so-Instagrammable!

Singapore’s homegrown eco-warriors, Paper Carpenter, has launched a new Work From Home range, featuring mobile-friendly cardboard furniture at very friendly prices. At the center of attraction is the Poppi Desk, which retails at $25. Measuring at 705mmL x 408mmW x 857mmH, this desk is about an arm’s length and fits into all kinds of corners. It is also light enough to shift around if you think a particular area’s fengshui is not good and you are just not getting enough sales that day.



It even has a laminated top so you don’t have to worry about those coffee spills during your ritual morning cuppa!

Of course, you may use any old stools from your house to complement the desk, but if you are a stickler for matching colours and themes, you will be glad to know that there are accessories to match this desk.


Hexa Stool



Sturdy enough to withstand a full-grown adult, this stool is perfect for those who want to sit upright. For me personally, it would probably be a pain as I am one who tends to slouch, but this is definitely a piece to have just to complete the look. The Hexa Stool retails at $20, and you will receive a free cardboard dustbin with every purchase of a Poppi Desk and a Hexa Stool!


Laptop Stand



This may seem like a simple contraption, but sometimes in simplicity we find things that make a difference. As a laptop is shorter than a desktop computer, this can help elevate it to a more comfortable level. The laptop stand retails at $4.


Mobile Boombox



This is something interesting! The Mobile Boombox helps to amplify your music, so you can rave while you work. This is a must-have for people who likes to listen to music or the radio while rushing through a day’s to-do list. The Mobile Boombox retails at $3.





I was wondering at first why this was named ‘Waterfall’, but now I see it! This is a cascading document holder with three zones – two upright document holders and one flat surface to place your Post-It notes and what-nots. The Waterfall retails at $12.

There you have it! A full set like the above will set you back $64, which is a pretty decent price for a nice table set like this. Of course, some of you may say that this is pretty steep for a cardboard table which you use and throw after some time, but I think it is a cool gear to have for working-from-home battles with space constraints and a shout-out to sustainable living.

There are more accessories such as book stands and desktop organisers, so do head down to Paper Carpenter to view their selections! Please note that the items come deconstructed, so you will have to roll up your sleeves and put them together yourself! For $25, your order will be delivered right to your doorstep, with free assembly. The delivery fee also goes directly towards delivery personnel whose jobs are affected by the circuit breaker, with no mark-up.

Will you be getting a cardboard table like this?